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 The Undersider Headquarters.[WIP]

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Adam Jerald
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PostSubject: The Undersider Headquarters.[WIP]   Wed May 10, 2017 5:48 am

Residence Type: Group
Residence Class: S
Chosen land of residence: North America, Chicago.
Description of Residence:
The Undersider's base of operations and residence is an outfitted high tech office building in Uptown Chicago, formerly a drug den, Tether purchased the property with some assistance from local and online donations and renovated the property, hiring some Independent Tinker's to work and make the base into not only a place capable of being lived in, but a fortress and a Landmark of Chicago allowing more community centers and neighborhood improvement services to be opened.

The first floor of the building is a wide entrance, where a Private Security guard mans the front desk to monitor those who enter and those who leave.
This guard is swapped out everyday based on a random paper drawn raffle in their office, which is hand-drawn by Tether and delivered by a member of the Undersider's every morning, a single elevator is the one entrance into the upper stories of the Undersider base from this floor, the elevator unless directed by a button located in the upper offices, is taken directly to the Third floor office buildings, where the Undersider's main office is located and where they accept or deny jobs being offered to them.

The Third floor consists of a small hallway, leading directly to a wooden door with a pane glass window in the center with the Undersider's Logo stenciled in.
Past the door is the Undersider's main office area, work stations and reports lining the walls, along with a couch and a personal book-case, and near the end of this room is Tether's desk, where he spends most of his time filing reports and managing their work, acting both as dispatch and emergency communications, hidden behind Tether underneath a hidden panel is a reinforced steel door with a few security features which will prevent it from being opened, this leads to the Undersider's living quarters.

Add-Ons: (For Bases only)

“The world's full of bad things.
We can fight back, not just physically, but by showing people that it's okay to keep laughing.
It's okay to mock the assholes that keep trying to make the world be worse than it is.
That's how you really take their power away.
We laugh at them because they hate it, because they want to bring us down to their level.
So we don't let that happen.
We show people that all the monsters in the world can't take away humor, fun and hope.”

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The Undersider Headquarters.[WIP]
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