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 Matter Manipulator {WIP}

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Jake Fields
First Generation
First Generation

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PostSubject: Matter Manipulator {WIP}   Wed May 10, 2017 5:29 am

Skill Set Name: Matter Manipulator
Classifications: Shaker, Striker, Trump
Skill Set Information:
Having been experimented on as a child, the once normal Jake Fields had become an achievement to science. Specifically to a group of Russian scientists. Specifically, his abilities mainly involve the altering of matter within the area surrounding him as well as altering some physical sense of an opponent through touch.

Mr. Fields is capable of altering the matter around him in a gaseous state, not being able to alter physical constructs such as buildings, cars, or living beings. However what he produces can affect these things greatly, depending on how he alters his area. He can produce gasses at will in his immediate area, it will only remain around him and only while he chooses to produce it. As soon as he stops willing the gas into existence, the gas will cease and the area will return to normal. (As a side note, all gasses will be registered as techniques. I won't be producing any gas I don't app onto here.)

Through touch, Jake Fields can also alter living beings. Specifically, he can cause other powered beings to have issues while utilizing their abilities. How this works varies depending on how he wants to use his abilities. (Again, everything will be apped as a skill and I won't be doing anything that isn't listed.)

- Gas Production: Jake Fields can produce gas from his body, and manipulate it within a certain range of himself with his mind. He can only produce one gas at a time, and as soon as he stops producing it the area returns to normal.

- Alterations: Ever since the experiments, Jake has gained the ability to physically alter bodies. Specifically those of the powered kind, who biologically obtained their powers. It works by willingly producing sweat on his fingertips and mixing another element to it, affecting those he touches.

Skill Set Strengths:
- Jake focuses on dominating close ranged battles. His abilities to manipulate the elements grants him a large advantage to anyone daring to come close to him.

Skill Set Weakness:
- Anyone with long range can make Jake's several powers essentially useless.
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Matter Manipulator {WIP}
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