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 Subtle Disaster (WIP)

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PostSubject: Subtle Disaster (WIP)   Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:40 am

Skill Set Name: Subtle Disaster
Classifications: Shaker, Blaster and Breaker
Skill Set Information: Unlike the name, implies most of the powers this skill grants are not subtle as one can easily spot the effects upon the environment. This is rather describing the action which causes these disasters to happen, being manipulated in a molecular level. This power also can be known as telekinesis but at a molecular level. Molecules play a large part in this skill, whether it is manipulating them, speeding up the movements to heat them down or slowing or even stopping the molecule movements altogether to freeze an object in place.

The shaker portion of this ability comes from the incredible surface area this can affect at a time: whether it may be manipulating molecules to cause a natural disaster to damage a large area or even something as subtle as affecting people in a wide area to either buff, debuff or place some sort of status effect on them. This is ideal for taking out large numbers of enemies or even trying to push away someone who wishes to engage in close combat.

The blaster portion of this skill is more telekinetic in nature. Using small objects, the user can easily take out a small number of enemies at a time and go a slightly larger range than if they were to use an AoE technique. In addition to this, using their abilities, they may even have a technique that hones into an opponent. Techniques do not also have to be used for offensive measures but can also be for supportive measures as well.

The changer portion of the skills allows the user to manipulate their own molecules, to make the user stronger. This provide a series of buffs and/or defensive measures or even allow themselves to manipulate the types of molecules within their own body. In addition to this they will also be able to separate or connect atoms within the body.
Passives: Enhanced Molecules: Hana's own molecules are structured differently than most other living creatures, being durable enough to handle her own powers and most importantly able to regenerate naturally quicker than an average human. Each post she is not damaged, she will regain 5% of her health rounded down. Yet even when she is in combat she will always gain at least 1% of her health rounded down.

You are able to have up to Three Passives.

Skill Set Strengths: One of the most obvious advantages to this power is the fact that all of the techniques can be executed without any hand or body motion. As this is a form of telekinesis the only requirement is for the brain to be working.
Skill Set Weakness: The main weakness of this entire power is the close ranged abilities it possess, being virtually none. While the user may excel in long ranged techniques, once a person gets up close and personal, it will be difficult for the user to fight back as the techniques are specifically tailored for long ranged abilities.
(What are some disadvantages of your skill-set as a whole? Is it countered by speed? High Defense? High Perception? Be specific with the how and the why, and be sure to include an equal amount of weaknesses as you have strengths.)
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Subtle Disaster (WIP)
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