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 Hana Byeon's Stats

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Hana Byeon
First Generation

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PostSubject: Hana Byeon's Stats   Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:25 am

Soul Color:
+ Pink Moon - 1%
Name: Pink Moon
Description: This Color is known for its love, Lust, and beauty for all those born under it.

Ability: Able to charm all NPC Of your level and below at will. Able to get Players to fall in love with you if your will is 30 Points above theirs.
Bonus: +30 Will Permanently.

Health Points: 20

Defense: 30

Strength: 35

Speed: 54

Energy: 90

Perception: 30

Intelligence: 1

Will: 30 +30 from Soul Color = 60

Vitality: 250

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Hana Byeon's Stats
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