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 Character Classifications

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PostSubject: Character Classifications   Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:37 pm

Players are allowed to choose up to three classifications (A Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) from the list below upon creating their character and can use these classifications when making their abilities:

Mover: Has the power to enhance mobility, or rather, an ability that allows them to cover great distances, like flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and agility or something less mundane.

Shaker: Has a power with an area of effect which can range from anything to generating gas, to bending the laws of physics in an area of their control.

Brute: Has enhanced strength or durability, exactly what it says on the tin.

Can shift into another state, ranging from simply transforming into fire or generating a steel body, or even transforming into a colossal monster of Myth, a Breaker's "Breaker State" can be almost anything.

Master: Can control others or create minions, Master's can create and command minions, ranging from an army of bugs, to dogs, to generated fire golems and others, but the most feared type of Master are those who can influence other people.

Tinker: Can create or alter devices with futuristic technology, Tinker's can create and alter machinery, electronics and other types of manmade equipment or even flesh depending on their "Tinker Focus" which can range from something as simple as "Vehicles" to "Dimensional Travel." Tinkers are versatile and generally sought-after and valued by organizations who can use them, although Bio-Tinker's are almost as feared as Master's for their ability to do harm.

Blaster: Is a ranged, offensive threat, from guns to lasers to blasts of raw emotion, and fire a Blaster is always a threat when in a position to keep someone at a distance, who knows what kind of firepower they have.

Thinker: Focuses on information gathering, from guessing passwords to being able to tell what an opponents next move will be and so on, a Thinker is dangerous in a very subtle way. Or not so subtle.

Striker: Has a power that is melee-ranged or touch-based, from a simple burst of flame on contact to the ability to freeze time or alter your body down to the molecular level, a striker is a dangerous opponent to let in close.

Changer: Can alter their form or appearance, from simply altering their appearance to match with someone they've seen in the past to transforming into an armored Fighter ready to go toe to toe with any threat, a Changer can be a subtle threat or one that could destroy a city block.

Trump: Can manipulate powers in some capacity, from nullifying powers, temporarily enhancing them to granting new ones on the spot, a Trump is exactly that, a Trump Card either for themselves or the ones holding them in reserve.

Stranger: Focuses on stealth or infiltration, to invisibility, to a Changer ability or simply the ability to move silently across a great distance, a Stranger is most dangerous when used in combination with other powers, most notably, the Master/Stranger combination.

(Note: These are rough explanations of the Character Classifications and may be updated at a later date; Also keep in mind that a Classification does not restrict your power, merely it is a way for others to classify the power you already possess.)


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Character Classifications
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