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 Flames of Rebirth[WIP]

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Jack Silver
First Generation
First Generation

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Skill Sheet
Skill 1: Silver Sword
Skill 2: Dragon's Cure
Skill 3: N/A

PostSubject: Flames of Rebirth[WIP]   Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:14 pm

Skill Set Name: Silver Sword Style
Classifications: Striker, Shaker, Breaker
Skill Set Information:
The Silver Sword Style has been passed down for generations from master to student and very rarely is it taught to anyone else. Jack Silver had been training with his master in the ways of the Silver Sword but it wasn't until he was Awakened when he figured out that this style could be used with his new found abilities. Jack Transfers his powers through the Sword itself making it the perfect conduit for his ability.

The Sword is used to strike enemies down and the Blue flames burn them or anything else that is cut to Silver ashes. The Ashes are then controlled by Jack; They can act as an offensive weapon or a defensive barrier.

+Silver Ashes: Able to Control the Silver Ashes produced by the blue flames at will.

+Glowing Eyes: Eyes turn to a Golden color when using Magic and abilities.

+Three Sword Style: Has been trained to use up to three Swords at once. How you may ask? Skills.

Skill Set Strengths:

+..Be Reborn From Silver Ashes: The Blue fire produced burns items, weapons, people, -Anything it touches to Silver Ashes. Those Ashes can then be used at will by Jack Silver for offensive or Defensive Purposes.

Skill Set Weakness:

-Technique Range: The Range is at most, 20 meters. The Techniques produced can only reach up to that particular amount and so the user is limited when it comes to range.
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Flames of Rebirth[WIP]
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