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 Terra Marron's History Part 1

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PostSubject: Terra Marron's History Part 1   Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:56 pm

A few years ago in a small island near Central America a boy was born into a poor and broken down family, they looked at the boy and decided they would call him by the name Terra. A storm had just hit the small island a month before his birth and it made it difficult for his parents to raise the child. Terra never had the advantages of a normal kid and was bullied by the other kids cause of his personality and lack of overall stuff he had, broken clothes and lack of backpack to name two. But regardless of everything Terra always treated it with a smile, he tried to act as if everything was okay every single time and made the kids that bullied him even angrier. He would always have to give the kids his money other wise they'd tell lies to his teacher about him hurting the other kids and would have to lie to his parents when he came home. Things went the same year after year and he would still do everything the same way and would never talk back against the other kids.

When Terra reached the age of 9 his father walked out of his family and left Terra and his mother alone for the rest of his days. Terra never understood what happened and he always expected his father to come back, day after day he always hoped the same. The day never arrived and he eventually gave up and continued on with his life. One day Terra met a girl which he became close friends with, they both shared similar food tastes, they both even like the same books and shows and everything was happier in Terra's life. Without him knowing the girl was only there for a short time, her family always traveled from place to place and his friendship with the girl was short lived. The day the girl left Terra was devastated and didn't know what to do anymore in his daily life.

Terra kept going through the year with neglect from other kids and others and he wouldn't be able to enjoy his time outside of his school as he mother had changed the day his father left. She became more distant and always came home from her work and smoke boxes and boxes of cigarettes. Terra always hated the smell and he would always try to ignore with all his might. He wouldn't play outside, he never had toys of friends to do so. His life was mainly going to school and coming home to study. He always looked at his mother with a smile so she wouldn't have to worry about him and would always have to tell her how much he loved her every night.

By the age of 12 people tried to take away his and his mother's home so he then had to start working at a nearby grocery store owned by an older man to help his mother pay of the house's rent so the people wouldn't have to take it away. One day the store's owner had to go and grab some supplies and had left Terra alone for the time being until he was back, when Terra was working a scruffy looking man with a hat shorts and a sleeveless shirt went to the store to buy some of the store's vegetables and fruits. The man noticed the young boy working around the shop and approached him and asked "Hey kid? Where's the old man i need to grab these for my uhh friend." he showed Terra a list and he kept pausing in between words. "He's out for the day though he should be back around the next hour." he almost whispered to the man.

The man smiled "Why don't you help me put these in my truck kid? You find me these and i'll pay you as soon as we get them back to the truck then the next time i see the old man i'll tell him how helpful you've been to me." the man laughed. Terra looked at him not questioning anything about it but agreed to his plan. He went around the stores grabbing items and putting them in bags he could barely lift on his own though the man started lifting some of the bags from Terra's arms and made him feel rather relieved of it. They went to the truck and started placing the bags in the back "Thanks kid, you've been a really big help! But now i'll be on my way!" the man laughed. Terra started walking back to the store exhausted from lifting all those bags and taking them to the man's truck but suddenly he stopped and remenbered he didn't tell the man how much all that had cost but before he could turn back and tell him something with a horrible stench covered his mouth and nose.

Terra couldn't breathe and he kept trying to squirm and kick away from whatever had covered his face but slowly his energy started to lower and he passed out. He was confused, he didn't know what had just happened and why everything was so dark. He kept thinking about his whole life and it slowly broke him on the inside but as soon as it started the darkness ended and he woke up inside of a cell. Hay was covering the floor and he had some stuck on his face, he stood up and looked around him only to see similar looking cages. He saw two other boys inside of the cages one was blonde and wearing some white rags and the other was wearing nicer blue clothes but was a bit tougher looking and had black hair and a darker skin tone but they were both slightly older than him. One of the boys spoke up "Seems like the new guy is awake." he said. "Well he doesn't look like all that so he must be someone for house duty." the blonde one replied.

"W-Where am I? Who are you..?" Terra could barely blur out. The stronger kid was about to speak but was cut off by the blonde one "Well for your first question you're in a one of the farm of a well known cartel leader by the name of Alejandro del Rey and for your second question the name's Samuel but you can call me Sam as for the big guy over there his name is Ranako, does that answer all?" he just casually layed back and waited for the boy to answer. Terra was confused by all that and he barely even knew what Cartel mean or why he was there and he even wondered if the other kids ended up there the same way he did. He looked at Samuel and nodded "M-My name's Terra, you didn't ask but just want you to know. But why am i here though why would they take me and will i ever go home???" he raised his voice at them. Samuel rolled his eyes but didn't reply to Terra this time, Ranako sighed and looked at Terra "Well Terra to get this out of the picture i doubt you will go to your home as to why you're here most likely to use your for slave duties or let you join their cause. Myself have just recently have been initiated by them but they don't fully trust me yet so they keep me in this cage for the night. Samuel unlike me is forced to work around the farm with the plants and the animals and like both you and me he has also arrived here recently that's why he's here. But it is rather late i'd say 10 p.m. so you should probably try to sleep in for your first day." Terra was surprised at how calm spoken the kid was considering his position inside of the cage. He didn't like the sound of it, any of it and he curled up in the corner of the cage trying to calm himself down but tear started flowing down his face. He was scared though he tried to keep a smile and avoid doing much noise so the other wouldn't feel pity on him. He stayed there the whole night with barely an hour of sleep. It was barely morning and the sound of boots hitting the soil outside started moving towards the barn until a loud bang came from the doors, the noise shocked Terra right up and scared him to his core. He didn't know what to expect but walking inside of the barn were men holding guns and machetes and one with a large hat and tattos him all over walked in and shot the roof with a small pistol in his hand. "We caught fresh blood amigos! Ready to see what he's made off!" he laughed.
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Terra Marron's History Part 1
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