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 Stat Template

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PostSubject: Stat Template   Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:56 pm

Below is the current template for Stats and a description of what stats will affect which Classifications and how much of a stat means in comparison to the world around you.

Stat Ranges:


[b]Soul Color:[/b]
(Add what your soul color is and what it does.)

[b]Health Points:[/b]
(Your General Health, determines how much damage you can take and also affects resistance to poisons, diseases or other things which affect the body physically. Best suited for tank Brutes or Strikers, although can be worked into any classification)

(How much damage you can resist before being physically hurt, this can be affected by armors or techniques although it is advised especially for Brutes or any classification that wishes to be able to tank their opponents attacks without being knocked out or killed)

(Your physical strength, determines how hard you can hit with your bare hands or physical weapons. This is best suited for Strikers, Brutes, Shakers with a damage focus or those who are building with physical ability in mind)

(Your ability to move and react, this stat is best suited for Movers due to their focus on getting from one place to another in the blink of an eye - although any character may wish to build this stat in order to keep themselves from being blindsided)

(The amount of 'Energy' within your body, either mystical energy or another form of raw power - this is the main stat for Blasters and determines how hard they can hit as well as how much Energy they can conjure)

(Your ability to sense that which is out of place in the world around you, as well as predict incoming attacks - This is best suited to counter Strangers, Changers, or others who may attempt to deceive you. Although it may also be useful in guarding against those who have a higher speed than you)

(Best suited for Tinkers or Thinkers, Intelligence determines your ability to come up with inventions on the fly or how to interface with complicated technology as well as your over-all book smarts)

(Your Willpower and your ability to exert your will onto the world around you. Willpower is the primary stat of Masters and determines how powerful their abilities are as well as how capable they are of influencing those around them. It is also useful to build in order to counter Masters, as it will be much more difficult for them to influence those with a higher Willpower than their own.

[b]Cannot be added to directly.[/b]
(Your Vitality determines how long you can fight without becoming tired, or more specifically how many abilities you can cast before needing to rest - this cannot be added to directly and is rewarded through tiers, special perks, or other unique circumstances.)

Important, Vitality Tiered List:
The Vitality for each tier is as follows:
D: 200 VP
C: 250
B: 350
A: 400
S: 450
X: 550


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Stat Template
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