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 Majestic Majesty

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PostSubject: Majestic Majesty   Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:48 pm

Equipment Name: Majestic Majesty
Owner: N/A
Class: S
Type:Nōdachi (Long Katana)
Equipment Significance: One of the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono Grade Weapons.
Description: Majestic Majesty is one of the three mythical Djinn weapons.. As the Legends go this sword was used to grant wishes to those who were worthy and thus the Kingdoms of the world came to life with Majestic Radiance. It is said a Djinn Lives within the Sword and is willing to grant the user of the sword many wishes for a price.. The Djinn that lives within the sword was Sister to its creator and knows the past, the present and even the future.. Not that she will reveal it. The blade itself is Four feet long and the handle is one and a half feet. The Sword is weightless and is unaffected by gravity. The Edge and Tip of the Blade is made of "Amethyst Abyss Steel" Which is able to cut through gravity itself, making the user of the blade able to "Fly" If they wished to.


+Amethyst Abyss Steel Tipped and Edged, Making this Sword Weightless.

+Is able to Cut through Gravity making it possible for the user to fly as they would like when using the weapon.

+Has a Powerful Djinn Living within the Sword who is able to grant wishes for the small price of killing 5 powerful people per wish. (Level 60 or above)


-When in small enclosed spaces the wielder is unable to use the Nodachi because of the lack of Space.

-The wielder is unable to wear heavy armor and use the Sword, They must use a Medium or light armor.

- The Sword is the Djinn, and the Djinn is the Sword. Which means the Sword is able to transform into the Djinn thus making it a person and the user is unable to use the Sword.

Gun Blade Attachment:

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Majestic Majesty
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