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 The Undersider's Detective Agency.

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Adam Jerald
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First Generation

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PostSubject: The Undersider's Detective Agency.   Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:49 pm

Name of Group: The Undersider's Superhuman Detective Agency, often just called 'The Undersider's' for short.
Name of Base: Suite 396
Group Symbol: A Simple image of a Crescent Moon, worn in any fashion and any manner one desires.

Leader: Adam Jerald - Tether
Commander: N/A
Lieutenant: N/A

Goals: The Undersider's are a group of Capes who act as Private Investigation Agency, acting to assist Law Enforcement in identifying and tracking down Superhuman related crimes.

Motto: Stand firm and Defend.
Defining your Group:
The Undersider's are a group of Independent Heroes put together by the Independent Hero 'Tether' who has been active for years in the Chicago area, with this reputation and surprisingly enough a law degree, he's put together the first Superhuman Detective Agency, where most Powers make Forensic investigation useless without the aid of a Thinker, Tether has somehow managed to track down and apprehend countless Villains using his sleuthing abilities and a liberal dose of his rather physical power.

Currently the Group is in it's infancy, but like Tether himself, has decided it will cooperate with AEGIS while also stressing it's independence from the Government sanctioned group, currently most of it's profits are gained from a Patreon account, the groups success is quite literally reliant on how well the Public react to them.

Allies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

Enemies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

“The world's full of bad things.
We can fight back, not just physically, but by showing people that it's okay to keep laughing.
It's okay to mock the assholes that keep trying to make the world be worse than it is.
That's how you really take their power away.
We laugh at them because they hate it, because they want to bring us down to their level.
So we don't let that happen.
We show people that all the monsters in the world can't take away humor, fun and hope.”

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The Undersider's Detective Agency.
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