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PostSubject: Gesellschaft   Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:00 am

Name Of Group: Gesellschaft.
Name Of Base: Augsburg, Germany.
Group Symbol:
American Branch Flag:

Fuhrer: Astrid Müller
Head Of Reconnaissance: Amelia Hayes A.K.A Lady Cortex
Head Doctor: Helena Richter

Group Motto: "To ensure the supremacy of the Powered."
Group Goals: To either kill or enslave all non-powered individuals in the world and institute a new world-wide government with Astrid herself in charge.

Defining Your Group:
Gesellschaft or "GS" in abbreviated form is an organization originally founded by Sophia and Henrich Müller upon the belief that individuals who had been gifted with Powers such as they had were inherently superior to all of those who had not been granted such gifts. They believed that those without powers were inferior individuals who should either be enslaved to those who held Powers or eradicated from the world entirely depending upon their loyalty to their Powered masters and their usefulness, meaning that such individuals as Doctors or Engineers were able to be accepted into a New Society as subservient to the Powered but nonetheless allowed to live.

Many of Gesellschafts beliefs, its structure, and even its uniforms have been borrowed from the Third Reich that had terrorized the world during the Second World War and many believe that if this group is not brought to an end soon, they will help to instigate a Third World War of Powered versus Normal individuals in what would surely be one of, if not the bloodiest war in all of recorded history.


A soldier may be transferred from one branch to another at any given time depending on the needs of Gesellschaft as a whole and progression through said ranks is granted through either time served or combat, with The Fuhrer typically personally overseeing the appointment of any Officer ranks.

Allies: N/A

Enemies: N/A


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