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PostSubject: Cortex   Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:43 pm

Full Name: Amelia Hayes
Alias/Epithet: (Lady) Cortex
Biological Age: 19
Chronological Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Hetero
Origin: C A N A D A

Main: Breaker
Secondary: Striker
Third: Stranger

General Appearance:
At first glance, Amelia resembles a fairly average woman in her late teens or early twenties, albeit an attractive one. She stands at an average height, and is rather slim for someone of her size. Her face is symmetrical, with a small mouth, a minuscule nose, and two large blue eyes. Her ears are slightly larger than average, but are often tucked behind her hair, making it difficult to notice them at first glance. Her hair, straight and blonde, is typically cut at shoulder length, with two long strands tossed over her shoulders on either side of her face. Her hair is also accompanied by an ahoge, though she smooths it down on formal occasions. This hairstyle is often accompanied by a large bow of some sort, usually of a colour matching her outfit for the day.

In-combat, Cortex's appearance shifts radically. Her hair, normally a yellow-blonde colour, goes nearly white as power sparks through her hair, reflecting her electrical affinity and ability to transform into electricity. During large bursts of power, her hair goes full-white and almost seems to resemble physical electricity coming from her head. Her eyes also match this transformation, turning a brilliant green and containing untapped energy within.

Outfit - Casual Attire:

Casually, Amelia dresses like an average teenager in order to blend into the masses. These outfits vary, but her most common and personal favourite is the outfit she was wearing during the moment her powers manifested. This includes a soft, white shirt with dark red sleeves that cut off at the elbows and has small ruffles at the bottom, forming a skirt, as well as dark grey jeans. These jeans are skin-tight and very stylized, with very small pockets and deep cuts. This outfit is accompanied by red skater shoes with white soles, as well as a white toe. While wearing this outfit, her bow is typically red.

Outfit - Budding Hero:

As a soldier and a newly-empowered hero, Cortex wore a set of lightweight armour that heavily resembled her clothing style. This included a chainmail corset, covered in a red leather tunic as well as skin-tight, white tights. She wore long, black and white gloves and knee-high leather boots. She wore this in order to keep her identity mostly a secret, though she stopped caring much after joining Gesellschaft. She stopped wearing this uniform after being promoted, but still puts it on every once in a while in order to fight crime under her superior's nose.

Outfit - Reconnaissance Officer:

As a officer of the Gesellschaft Reconnaissance Unit, Cortex wears a similar set of armour to her previous one, though the colours have been swapped with something that reflects the branch better. The reds in the armour have been swapped out with blues, typically a lighter blue than the rest of the unit. Her gloves and boots are now pure white, giving her a distinct "light" look compared to the rest of her compatriots, who are dressed in dark blues and blacks. During actual missions, she often dons a colour-swapped version of this, matching better with the rest of her unit. 

Hair Color: Yellow [Platinum while using powers]
Eye Color: Blue [Green while using powers]
Skin Tone: Fair
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118lbs.

Personality:(Character’s Emotional Traits, Character’s Habits & Actions. Minimum requirement of 200 words.)
Personality Quirks: (Everyone has a unique quirk or habit, such as unique laughs, or habits like a lack of sense of direction. Be creative, and be as silly as you would like.)
Likes: (List 3 Likes)
Dislikes: (List 3 Dislikes)
Motivations: (List at least 1 motivation. What is the ultimate goal of your character?)
Fears: (List 3 fears)

Home Town: Vancouver
Character History: 
PART A - Before the Fall:
PART B - He Rules Us:
PART C - A Passive Observer:
PART D - That's Super, Hero!:
PART E - Fall from Grace:

Face Claim: Edea Lee [Bravely Series]
Voice Claim: Laura Bailey
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