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 An expedition to an unknown land (Private)

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PostSubject: An expedition to an unknown land (Private)   Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:41 pm

Mira had arrived in the forgotten lands to investigate if it held the knowledge she was looking for. She had heard that strange and wondrous thing resided in these lands and was curious if what she was looking for could be found here. She had arrived by sea earlier that day and was readying herself at the port city. But before she headed out she wanted to get some info and supplies at the market. As she walked the streets she noticed the place was quite diverse, people, and races from all over the place where gathered here to trade and converse. 

She was still uneasy around non-humans but that was only because she had almost no contact with them in the Mystic kingdom. She tried to trade with the people at the market but no one seemed to want to trade with her. So she started to head out of town thinking she would just have to get stuff at the next town when she noticed a tavern at the edge of town. She when inside to see an old, somewhat disheveled, tavern that was empty except for a man standing behind the bar. She walked over and sat at the bar.
"Um hello there! I'm new to these lands and was wondering if I could ask you somethings about it?" The man looked at her with uninterested eyes.
"Sorry miss, Iv lived in this town all my life so I don't know much about what's going on outside of it."
"O well that's ok, would I be able to buy some food and water at least?"
"As long as you got the coin ill sell you whatever I got... But if you're still looking for info you can wait here. Travelers stop in from time to time." He said as he passed her a list of his wares.
"Thank you I think I will..."

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An expedition to an unknown land (Private)
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