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 Task: Helping out Mother

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PostSubject: Task: Helping out Mother   Sun Apr 02, 2017 10:05 pm

It was a clear, sunny morning in the Mystic kingdom. Mira woke up to the sounds of birds outside her window and the hum of the city starting its day. Mira got up to start her daily routine when she heard a knock at her door.
"One minute!" Mira yawned at the door. It was near dawn so it was rare for anyone besides her to be up so she hurried to make herself presentable. Once she was ready she walked over to her door, as she opened it she was surprised to see her mother standing there.
"Morning mother, why are you up so early?"
"Morning sweetheart, I was awoken by a massager with a letter saying that our normal delivery man is sick today so he can't make the delivery's that we had planned. So I was hoping you help out and deliver them for me?"
"Sure no problem! As soon as I'm done in the garden I'll head out." Mira's mother gave her a huge.
"Thank you sweetheart, I'll leave a list of the addresses on the table and the patches are in the front hall." Mira's mother patted her on the head and walked away.

Mira went back into her room and finished getting ready. She bathed, did her hair, cleaned her face, and readied her clothes. Once she was done she headed to the kitchen to grabbed a quick bite to eat then headed out to the garden. She did her normal rounds of cleaning, pruning, and weeding the garden. And once she was happy with it, she headed to the front hallway to find what her mother had left her. The patches were not too big, one that looked like a painting would be tricky but beside it, she should be able to do the others in one run. Mira put the patches into a large backpack, which was kind of heavy but she didn't mind. She pulled out her Hover Board, recharged its crystals, and headed out into town.

The first buyer wasn't too far, it took her less than ten minutes to arrive at the address. She pulled her Board to the side and knocked on the door. An old man answered the door.
"Hello there! I'm Maria Irileth Rairdia Azure of House Azure and I'm here to bring you your order."
"Aww yes I was expecting it today but I wasn't expecting the house's daughter to deliver it?" The man said with a questioning look and a stroke of his beard.
"Our normal delivery man is sick today so I'm helping out."
"Aw very good, very good. Then let use do our business"
Mira handed him his package, had him sign for it, and with a wave headed to the next stop. The next stop was a bit further away, so it took her about an hour to reach it. The house looks like it belonged to someone important as it was even bigger than hers.

She walked up to the front door a knocked on it using the big knocker hanging from it. A man who appeared to be a butler answered the door.
"Hello there! I'm Maria Irileth Rairdia Azure of House Azure and I'm here to bring you your order." The man looked her up and down and without a word he held out his hand. Mira took it as a sign to hand over the package so she gave it to him and held out the signing form. Her signed it with a quick flick of the wrist then handed it to her.
"Thank you for..." Be for she could finish he closed the door in her face.
"...well I never!" Mira turned and got back on her board with a bit huff. The last stop was on the other side of town and took her till noon to reach it. The buyer was a kind old man like the first, they talked, he signed, and with that, her job was done so she headed back home. The trip back was nicer and quicker now that the extra weight was gone. She made it home just before dinner and as she walked in the door she could smell her mother's cooking. With a smile and a growling stomach, she calls out...
"I'm back!"

Task over.

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Task: Helping out Mother
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