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 The 347th Tournament of Champions[REGISTERATION]

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PostSubject: The 347th Tournament of Champions[REGISTERATION]   Sat Apr 01, 2017 12:53 pm

"I can make you a Demi God.. All you must do is win a tournament.."

It is finally upon us.. The Path to become a Demi God is here and shining bright! All that stands before you is the Tournament, But be warned- Many have died trying to win this tournament and only one will win the grandest of prizes. Within the Tournament your Level will automatically turn to 50.. This only occurs while fighting in the tournament, IF you survive the Tournament your level will go back to what it was.. Well.. Plus the great amount of EXP you gain for Participation. However, Let it be known that you are only able to use the abilities and skills you have at your current level.

Adding on to what I said there will be a Tournament Stat sheet to fill out for those who have been chosen in order to use level 50 stats in the Tournament. On this sheet you will also put all the Weapons, Armor, and Items you are bringing into the Tournament. Now then.. The time has come to register for the Tournament. Only SIX may enter the Golden gates of the Arena, Will one of them be you?.. The First SIX to register will be granted access to participate..

+Need a Completed and Approved Character to enter.
+Need A Decent Grammar in order to participate: In order to register for the Tournament you must make a Sample of your writing in a spoiler. It doesn't need to be long- Quality over Quantity.
+By the Tournament Date you must have All armor, Weapons, and Items, Companions (Yes. Pets and Companions can enter with you. But they will most likely be killed unless they are a high level.) Skills, And any other thing you are using during the Tournament, Registered and Approved.

I Wish you all the Luck of the Nameless, The Knowledge of Diana, And the Power of Gorrath.

+Fayte L. Destiny+

The Winner of the Tournament will Receive:

+3,000,000 Gold.
+Demi God Status
+A Curse or a Blessing from their God [Dark: Curse. Light: Blessing. Neutral: Either.]


[b]Level:[/b] (Current Level)
[b]Why:[/b] (Why are you joining the tournament?)
[b]Writing Sample:[/b] (Example of Writing)

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PostSubject: Re: The 347th Tournament of Champions[REGISTERATION]   Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:57 pm

Name: Maria Irileth Rairdia Azure
Epithet: The Artisan of Light
Level: 1 (I'm so going to die)
Why: Mira knows she most likely will not win but she wants to use the tournament as a stage to make a name for herself so she can spread the word of Arc-tech to more people.
Writing Sample:
Mira walked thru her family's garden, it was a place of siren beauty and wonder. Mira's mother had been growing it since she was a little girl with her own mother, and now Mira was the one taking care of it. The flowers where a spiral of color, every one of them grown in just the right place to make the garden seem like it was a flowing river of petals and thorns. The garden was one of her family's masterpieces, carefully built and maintained but never truly finished just as any true art. As Mira walked thru the garden she did with both a gentle step and a quick eye.

She would clean the leaves and petals of any dirt with a quick, yet gentle stroke of her hand. She would water and pruned any plant with a single refined movement. To any watching, she would appear as almost dancing with the plants, her ever movement both fill with intent but also with a consideration for those she danced with. But to Mira this was but her morning routine which she had done more times than she could recall. This garden was as much her family as her own mother and father to her. And as she reached the end of the garden she would look back on it and with her soft, heartwarming smile she would say...
"Good morning!"

Mira's Bonuses:
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The 347th Tournament of Champions[REGISTERATION]
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