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 Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail

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Azure Snow
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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail   Tue Jun 09, 2015 10:33 pm

Thunder, Lightning, Ice and Storms hit the heavenly white ship from all sides throwing crew members port and Starboard. Azure quickly grabbed the swirling helm tightly and shouted orders to fire another round of large steel cannon balls. "Damn it.." She said under her breath as lightning hit the Port side of the ship once more. Icy cannon balls were fired effortlessly from a nearby black ship that was waving the Flag of the Ruthless Warlord, Lolly Ze Kandi. "..That bastard! As soon as I sail to the Worlds End.." Azure tightened her grip around the helm as she thought about the white haired warlord. "Captain! We have taken massive damage on the port side! any more and we could sink!" a bloodied sailor said sorrowfully. Azure looked towards the port side and grew a little dizzy, How could this man do so much damage to the legendary white ship? Her thought process soon ceased when the white ship completely froze. The treacherous Sea joined the Freezing process around the Black vessel and Azure's Beloved Ship. The wind still carried on as before, the sea storm breeze, However from above the Rain transformed to large hail. In the distance a shirtless figure carrying a long crystal sword appeared. Azure glared viciously as her insides slowly began to feel like they were being dipped in Lava, However, she ignored the pain while Rushing down upon the Ice in a majestic fashion, Readying herself for a sword battle.

She and her enemy walked slowly towards each other, gathering themselves for the Destined battle. Azure's long Midnight blue hair and heavenly white outfit waved like a beautiful flag in the wind all the while her Three Nodachi laid at rest on her back; Azure made it seem easy to carry such long katana. Lolly on the other hand gripped his long crystal sword that was resting on his bare left shoulder, he let off a cold, Smug grin and stopped 15 meters away from Azure. She also stopped as he did in order to take in the moment. "..Lolly Ze Kandi.. You son of a Bitch.. I'm going to make certain you die today."  Azure Whipped out a brilliant Shining silver Nodachi. "HA! Going to be using the Legendary Silver light against me eh?.. This will be interesting.." Lolly slashed his Crystal blade downwards into the thick ice causing ice crystals to form in a spiral around the blade. "Ive been waiting to take your place as Yonko.. Crimson Snow." Lolly's Ice blue eyes locked with The Crimson Demon eyes of Azure Snow. "..Fat chance on that, Krystal King.." Azure's Nodachi lit up with a aura of silver light before the intensely quick swing of both party's made contact. A great mix of ice and light filled a 40 meter radius spiraling upwards and outwards into the dark clouds. the beautiful instrumental sound of two legendary swords clashed for all the sea to hear. Azure and Lolly zoomed 10 meters away from one another pointing their chosen weapons in a very direct manner. Azure felt the Dizziness and Pain start to kick in again but this time a little bit of blood drizzled down her face. "..My goal.." Lolly spoke slow and loud. Azure glared, "What goal?" She kept her glance steady and smart on her target, Ignoring the pain and blood. "I will take your place as Yonko!" Lolly shouted proudly, full of energy. Azure frowned "..And then what!?!" She took a few steps forward, feeling off balance and heavy. "..I WILL Change this world!.. I WILL Cover this world in an Icy Fog.. No one will be safe from the power and chaos I lay upon this world." Lolly spoke with such certainty that Azure almost believed he would completely freeze the world over. "..You will bring more chaos to an already chaotic world?.. Lolly Ze Kandi.. You are a fool!" Azure slashed out a Black cased nodachi with her free hand and began to cough. ".. HAHAHAHA!!!!! A fool?.. You are the one who has become the fool.. you have ruled for too long as a Yonko.. So long in fact that you have lost your grip on your powers it seems.. I will make you feel MY power!!" Lolly held his hand high, forming a massive ball above the icy battle arena. "Now.. DIE!"

~10,000 Shards: Ice Crystal HAIL!~  The hail came down like a heavy rain and turned to needle like projectiles coated in Armament haki. Each of them flew into the White ship, Exploding it into pieces. "W-..What.. The.." Azure stood wide eyed at lolly, Still coughing up blood. She did not expect her treasured ship and crew to get harmed in the fight, not like this. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lolly laughed uncontrollably while still forcing shards to fly down. The Shards forced the remaining crew and ship to sink to the ocean. The Ice began to break apart, Splitting down the middle of the Arena. Azure jumped quickly out of the way, still processing what had just happened. "Why am I Bleeding?.. Everything that Ive worked so hard to achieve.. Has just been destroyed before my eyes.. My ship." Azure dodged the Ice Needles that flew her way. "My Crew.." Azure swung both nodachi against the next wave of Needles. The Needles Exploded on impact, covering the blades and Azure's arms in Ice Crystals. "Ive lost almost everything in such a short amount of time." Azure thought to herself while clashing her blades together and shattering the crystals on her arms with haki. Azure Jumped quickly towards her sinking ship. The last thing that she saw of it was her snowflake incrested skull flag on the surface waving away in the wind. She swiftly snatched it up and looked at the half destroyed flag that resembled the Heaven's Winter Crew. It began to freeze in her fingers and soon it shattered leaving nothing but falling Ice and broken memories. Lolly stood 2 meters away with his sword drawn at Azure's neck. "Your Time has ended.. Freeze and fall to Ice." Lolly swung his Powerful sword at Azure's neck with It coated in a strong razor sharp Haki. Azure felt cold sweat drip down her forehead and onto the Thick ice below her. "Is this.. The end?" Azure felt petrified, She knew if she didn't do anything quick she would die.. who would be there to carry out her legacy? Who would stand against the world government to defend the people? Certainly not Lolly Ze Kandi.

Azure threw up Her Purple handled nodachi to catch the Icy swing of the Krystal King. The force knocked Azure backwards on her ass and almost into the Ocean. "Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me?" Azure thought for a few moments and then it hit her.. she was poisoned at lunch time, Jolly Lee had been away doing his own thing in the west blue so the food was being cooked by someone else this voyage. Azure coughed up a lot more blood which immediately turned to ruby Ice shards. "You.. Sent someone to poison me.." Azure looked up at Lolly Ze Kandi who swung his Crystal Sword at her arm. "Yes.. The poison depresses, Suppresses, and Destroys you from the inside out.. Its quite impressive, You lasted exactly 7 hours without feeling the effects.. Normally someone would die on the spot..Regardless Ill have to thank 'The Reaper' later for giving me some of his special Poison." Lolly laughed once more as the crystal sword sliced open Azure's left arm. "..Now.. You finally Die." Lolly kicked Azure Fiercely until she Fell into the Ocean with both blades still in hand.. The Yonko, Azure D 'Crimson' Snow was no more...


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Leo D Morgan


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail   Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:32 pm

Leo stood at the bow of the ship looking for sharp rocks and Ice burgs. Snow was at the helm. Leo could feel the pressure of the situation, How did these people find them? Leo was in the dark about the whole situation and He only knew the gravity of it. Leo's thoughts were interrupted by a young sailor covered in blood, "Captain! We have taken massive damage on the port side! any more and we could sink!" The crew knew they were sinking and it was only a matter of time until the ship was frozen. Leo was shocked, who could freeze a ship dead in the water? Then he looked to the helm and saw a man approaching Snow. It was Lolly Ze Kandi- A very very dangerous man.

Leo went running to the helm to provide snow back up but in a literal Flash a Magnificent woman stood about six feet in front of him. Leo felt his stomach turn, he knew who she was; The famous beauty "Her Majesty". Leo didn't like to fight women but he knew this wasn't going to be the time or place to get picky. "Get out of my way "Her Bitch". I don't have time to play with you." Leo usually played the calm relaxed fighter in a fight but this fight felt different. He could sense her strength without seeing it. She was not going down easy without breaking Leo's bones first. His train of thought was broken by a sweet soft smooth voice, Oh We are going straight for the potty mouthing hmm? Well, let me teach where your mouth should be!" Again like a bolt of lightning "Her Majesty's" fist was mere inches from his jaw. Lightning Punch Pin Point Jaw!! The punch connected and sent Leo flying into the guard rail of the ship. Breaking his jaw almost completely and nearly sending him over the edge. "MOTHER FU(%ER!! Leo shouted as he regained his balance. She was fast, faster than he could see or imagine. However, Leo had faced fast opponents before. he knew what to do and could win if she wasn't paying attention. Leo snapped his jaw back and stood with his fist slightly open ready for a fight. Leo announced, That was good I will have to remember that one. Now let's get serious. Ready for round two "Her ASSHOLE!" "Look at you using your big words. I am ready, you stupid drunk." "Her Majesty" shot forward towards Leo but just before she reached him she vanished in a flash of lightning. Lightning Stab- Pin Point Spine!! Leo knew she would attack his back, "Plasma Grip" Leo spun around and reached for her throat with a hand burning hot enough to melt straight through her skin. Leo was shocked to find her insanely closer than he had hoped. By the time he could turn around her two finger were making a whole in the side of his ribs. Leo could feel electricity shoot threw his body. He went almost numb. Unfortunately, for Leo his attack did not meet it's intended target in stead was headed for her forehead. Leo's thumb began to make contact as "Her Majesty" felt her skin melt and boil. She moved her head back and to the left dodging Leo's hand but at a price. His thumb had made contact and as she moved Leo's thumb dragged down her eye to about the middle of her cheek. Flashing away Leo head a scram of pain come from behind him. "YOU PIECE OF BOTTOM FEEDING SHIT! I can't see out of my eye!!!" "Her Majesty" Wailed in pain.

    The woman was now slightly less beautiful Leo thought and smirked. Leo had made contact but he knew this wasn't the time to be cocky. She was mad now, it appeared as though she had snapped and said, " I will kill you for that. I PROMISE! Lightning Fingers Pin Point EVERYTHING!" She vanished Leo felt what he thought was lightening shoot through his body at every angle. Leo could barely keep her in his sights. Leo knew of only one attack that could stop the barrage of lightening attacks. "Plasma Megaton" Leo threw his hand together as he shouted the words and a small but powerful explosion erupted from Leo's body. the attack had stopped her. "Her Majesty" Jetted back away from Leo her clothes burning off from the flames and scorch marks all over. Leo stared at her tits and was shocked but focused back on her face. "Werll I am glad you got to see something beautiful before you died. Now that was scary. So how about we snap your weak little arm so you can't do that again. Lightning Shot! Pin Point Elbow"  Leo braced for a head on attack but instead was shot by a lightening bolt coming from "Her Majesty's" Fingers. The attack sent Leo's arm numb but not broken. Leo could use this. Leo smiled and threw off his coat and took a swig of his rum with his right usable arm. "Last supper hmm?" Leo felt his chances of winning quickly disappearing. Leo called out in desperation,"GOD DAMN IT! IS ANYONE ALIVE??" hoping to clear the deck and not give away his plan of blowing the deck up. He knew the ship was  going down and he knew if he was fast enough he could take her with it. You are worthless. You couldn't save anyone. No one is alive because you failed. How can you live with yourself? You should just kill yourself now and save my hands the trouble of getting blood all over them." Leo didn't want to die he needed to see Bon one more time at least but he saw no other option Leo shouted once more, "Plasma Megaton" Leo went to put his hands together but was cut short. "On second thought I want to taste your rum soaked blood again. Lightening Pincer Pin Point Stomach" "Her Majesty" Had her hand plunged together into Leo's left hip just below his stomach. Blood exploded from the incision. Leo's eyes dimmed and could see himself fall over the edge of the boat. Leo pass out. He proceeded to fall backwards into the cold dark ocean. The last thing he saw before Bon's beautiful face was a flash of what looked like green hair......

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Lazarus D. King


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail   Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:36 pm

A large icicle wedged twenty two centimeters away from Lazarus' heart protruded, as his blood stained the deck of the damaged ship from the assault of Lolly's men. "It's truly unfortunate Lazarus D. King... with your abilities you could've easily put up a good fight and run to your Captain's aide... However that wound you suffered from Lolly's stray hail, protecting a mere cabin boy... You people do value crew members aboard this vessel. In Lolly's camp... Only the strong survive and the weak perish-" Lazarus signal to the man was placing his finger over his mouth for silence. "I don't care how your Captain runs his vessel... and honestly-" Lazarus said, coating his gauntlets in time energy, shattering the icicle into shards, resembling that of shattered glass. "Jack was it?" Lazarus said, covering his hand over his wound to seal it with time energy. "Azure tends to get clumsy in situations like this when she's panicked... So I'm going to need you to step aside. Our little exchanges were interesting enough... but if that bastard Lolly think he can barge aboard our ship and destroy it, he's got another thing coming. Acceleration!" Lazarus concluded, shouting. In an instant, Lazarus dashed to Jack D. Kay's position, attempting to deliver a spinning right jab to the man's face. Kay would have approximately less than a millisecond to dodge Lazarus's attack. However, Lazarus one fatal flaw this day was underestimating Kay's true capabilities, blocking the man's accelerated jab, Kay began to coat his hold body in a purple armament, firmly gripping Lazarus's fist in the palm of his hand. Kay whistled, "A split second later and I'd be picking up the pieces of my jaw off the sea floor. That was close!" Kay exclaimed. "Who in the world are you!?" Lazarus exclaimed in shock. "I am the man who will stop you from saving Azure's life, Lazarus D. King, the Time Scribe." Kay exclaimed grinning menacingly. "Tch. I won't be able to save Azure like this...." Lazarus exclaimed annoyed. "This will cost me some life span but it's the only way I can ensure Captain's safety." Lazarus resolved in his thoughts.

The sound of time itself weaving around Lazarus' body set a chill down Kay's spine. It was the sound of a large object revolving at thousands of revolutions per minute. "Chronos Wish - Time Lapse." Lazarus exclaimed, his eyes glowing with an Azure shine. Slamming his fist against the air, time froze for all those aboard the ship, even himself in his current time line. "Time Doppelganger!" Lazarus thought, now frozen in his current timeline. Duplicating his time in two, at the cost of shorting his lifespan for fifteen years, Lazarus doppelgänger held his place in time, while Lazarus desperately dashed to Azure. However, by the time Lazarus had arrived, the damage had already been done. Lolly stood aboard the ship with a menacing grin which shone from ear to ear. "Too late. Even you know, don't you Lazarus!?" Lolly exclaimed in excitement. "Once it's written in time-" Lolly stated. "AZURE!" Lazarus broke down in tears, falling to his knees. "It can't be unwritten." Lolly said grinning.

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail   

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Chapter 1: Battle of Ice & Hail
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