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 The Tale: Aureos Nobles

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PostSubject: The Tale: Aureos Nobles   Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:13 pm

For as long as the Snowy Kingdom has been around it has had the same Twelve Noble families to rule over it. These families have taken full advantage of their subjects with manipulation and control; They have even went so far as to make Slavery a common thing within the Kingdom where in others it is frowned upon or done in secret. But Slavery is far better than the other atrocities committed by the Aureos nobles. It had been said long ago that these twelve families were directly sprouted from The gods themselves. Because of this 'Historical Fact' The heads of the Twelve Families are honored as 'God Nobles' and are praised by folks from around the world.

Although.. It is a solid fact that the heads of each of the twelve families are something spectacular and have mastered Magic, Skills, and Crafts beyond imagination. The fact that the 'Twelve God Nobles' possess the abilities of magic means that they were chosen by a god to be the God's champion.. Or are the legends of the twelve families really true? Does their bloodline come from the gods themselves?

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The Tale: Aureos Nobles
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