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 The Tale: The Circle

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PostSubject: The Tale: The Circle   Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:20 pm

Just as the world began to recover from the Great God Wars, entities from all over the newly formed kingdoms gathered within the Darkest place in the world. White smiles and demonic eyes riddled the abyss of darkness and at the very center of the gathering a Circle Table full of ancient runes stood proudly. The slight amount of light that glimmered over the table revealed a spiral of runes which began at the table's center and escalated outwards in a brilliant fashion. The Dimly lit area also showed Thirty Eight seats which were taken by the greatest and most powerful of all the clans who had gathered. Upon the table of Magic the thirty eight beings formed an organization like none other. This Organization of Darkness was formed with all the dark gods and goddesses present and at the head of the table was none other than Pandora.

The Organization worked within the shadows, Gathering up the Chosen and taking them into the ranks of The Circle. The Magic of the Chosen automatically granted them them a higher rank within the Circle and with it the mythical Black robes of a 'Ring' Member. Through time this Organization manipulated the world and everything they could within it; Including major battles and Wars. The would was being puppeteer-ed by the Circle's 'First Ring' Which was the very center of the Circles chain of command and the most powerful. The First Ring was composed of Thirty Eight of the worlds most horrific beings who often kept within the shadows unless they wished to have a little fun.

The Second Ring was made up of Legendary Chosen or those who knew how to kill powerful chosen very well; And Of course, The Third Ring was made of 'Chosen' Recruits who either followed the Dark Gods or who had betrayed their own Gods to join the Circle. Outside of the Three Rings there were those who served and fought for the Circle. They were called "The Fourth" and if they were loyal enough and served the circle well, They would be promoted to the Third Ring.

Even though it is possible to become a Servant of the Circle without being chosen by the Circle. You can only be invited by First and Second Ring Members to truly join the ranks of the Circle.

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The Tale: The Circle
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