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 Flower Crown of Caledonia [WIP]

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PostSubject: Flower Crown of Caledonia [WIP]   Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:32 am

Name: Flower Crown of Caledonia
Type: Adornment - Headpiece
Class: S
Weight: 3 lbs.
Description: In the aftermath of the attack on Plasma City, Kae was hailed as a hero. As thanks, a very powerful enchanter granted her circlet, initially a mere trinket of her tribe, with incredibly potent magical power.

The circlet itself is a dulled gold, slender and slim, designed to fit well on her head. Attached to the golden portion are two large wooden adornments, made from petrified wood, that give her the appearance of a deer. Directly below these adornments, behind her ear, are two large flowers on either side, woven into the crown.


Primordialis Ignis: This crown grants Kae a bonus of +50 Attack so long as she is wearing it, including in spirit form.

Alae Lucem: While wearing the crown, Kae is able to sprout wings of light from her back and take flight.

Signum Spei: This crown allows Kae to emit a beacon of hope to every person Kae considers an ally within 50m of her. This reduces the damage of any incoming dark attacks to any ally within 50m by half.

Fraudis Monitum: Whenever someone with 20m of her attempts something with the intent to deceive (lie, cheat, steal), the crown sends a little ping into Kae's head, alerting her of the injustice and outlining the culprit with a gold shimmer, visible only to her.


Non Praesidium: This crown grants her no bonus to defense.

Percute Tenebris: If struck with a dark attack while in flight, her wings shatter, causing her to fall and preventing her from resummoning them for 10 posts.

Lucens Martyris: Kae, while wearing the crown, takes double damage from darkness attacks.

Exquirentibus Veritatem: Kae is unable to preform any active of deceit while the crown is on her head, including lying, cheating, or stealing.
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Flower Crown of Caledonia [WIP]
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