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 Till Kingdom Come [Private]

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Sarlia Xul
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PostSubject: Till Kingdom Come [Private]   Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:55 am

Her steps were silent as she exited a tavern. Her faithful companions grew anxious lately, their skittish posture and the way they looked at her. They did not know what was about to come, but they knew it was necessary to their mistress. Still, Sarlia spoke no words of her possible kingdom, knowing they would run their mouths to Ana or Ash the first chance they get. So, she kept quiet, did most of the work on her own while her companions remained idle in the city. From dusk to dawn, the woman worked tirelessly to achieve what she dreamed of as a child. Her kingdom. But what is a kingdom without a proper team of her most trusted friends?

Sarlia was found inside the building. Its structure was complete for the most part, improvement needed to be made for better housing, mainly to accommodate to certain people’s need. However, she could not dwell on such trivial matter, there was much more that needed to be done. Her steps echoed down the silent halls, her honey orbs flicked to her feet. Was she ready to handle all of this responsibility? The woman allowed a soft sigh to escape her lips, her eyes partial open when she soon came to the main room. A dark oak door stood tall, it was closed to the public, but the room it was in was ready for those who wished to step in. Pillars towering over her head, holding up the roof as it was made of glass, allowing the moon and the sun to grace it’s light down in the room.

Still… it was far too empty for her liking. Arms slowly cross over her chest as she flicked her gaze around once more. Sarlia stepped closer to the door, her arms thrust outward to open it and she was welcomed by the cool night of Twilight City. The city was still awake, curious about the new development, but none had bothered to step forward. Excellent. The woman made her call, a loud click that alerted her canine companions who lingered nearby. They came running down the bridge, their black tails waving behind them as they approached. “Is it time? Will we know now?” Crona yipped, she was practically jumping all over Sarlia as she made her attempts to give the woman slobbery kisses. “Give her some space! She’ll tell us when you’re not trying to kill her with your slobber.” Labo snapped at his mate, ushering her away from his mistress to await their orders.

The woman only laughed, she appreciated her companion’s loyalty and knew they deserved better. “Yes, yes! All will be explained soon enough. I ask for a favor, though. For the both of you, that is.” The one of her voice shifted toward the end, more authority rang in her tone just as her posture changed, straightened and her gaze looking down at the both of them. This got their attention. “I need you to look for them. Ana and Jingee, I’m sure you are familiar with their scents and will have no problems tracking them down, correct?” Crona looked to Labo, the unspoken words were clear to the small group. “I will search of Sir Jingee. I know Labo would not be so sweet to him after the last encounter so he will be pleased to be accompanied by a companion who will not bite.” The wave of Crona’s tail returned after her response. She turned her back to the others, craning her neck forward to inhale his scent and took off. Crona will find him.

Labo was left, his tail did not wag with happiness nor was he displeased with his target. He happened to like Ash and will have no trouble accompanying her to the call. And Ana, she was there too. “Be nice, Labo. They are our friends, and we must treat them with respect. They will be the reason for our future success, we cannot harm them.” Sarlia cooed this time, knowing the wolf’s discomfort in leaving his mistress unguarded. “Very well… We shall return within a few days depending on their locations.” Without another word from the male, he was off. His nails clicking against the wooden bridge which soon met with the dirt that silenced his movement. Sarlia watched as her loyal pets disappeared into the night and she hoped they returned with the people she needed for her kingdom.  

"Miss Xul Speaks", "Crona Speaks", "Labo Speaks"


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PostSubject: Re: Till Kingdom Come [Private]   Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:58 am

Anatasia sat with her companions by a fire that crackled and gave off a radiant orange light upon them as she looked from left to right at Ash and Uso respectively. They had all just returned from yet another bounty and were still drained from their trials within Plasma City, yet thanks to Anatasia having created a few of her new Ravens a small distance away from where they were setting up camp they were well prepared and alert for any intruders who wished to tempt one of Pandora's new champions.

Closing her eyes, Anatasia focused in order to allow herself to see through those of a raven which flew overhead, taking particular notice of a familiar wolf who approached their location as she would speak towards her companions:

"We have a guest." Anatasia noted, before then clarifying. "A friendly one - So do not attack unless I say otherwise." She would say sternly towards the three as she opened her eyes, standing from her seated position as she adjusted the black and silver robes upon her body which concealed her new weapon along with her armor, making her appear as if were were unarmed and unarmored save for the robe itself.

"Oh, a guest?" Uso said with a smile forming upon her face in a somewhat eerie manner as she spoke further on the subject. "I cannot wait to meet them - I cannot wait.." She said, her wings that draped down from her head giving a small flutter as her black and red eyes gazed towards the direction that Anatasia herself was looking, which would be where she had seen the wolf approaching from.

"It is one of the Queens wolves." Anatasia noted, eliciting a smile from Ash who had yet to speak up during this conversation but would do so upon hearing this news. "It will be good to see one of them again after all that has happened." She would say, a faint smile forming on the girl's lips as she moved forward to stand beside Anatasia and waited for their new guest to arrive.

Uso would remain slightly behind and to the side of the two, nearest to their third member of the party, Veralia, watching intently for the new arrival while her four insectoid arms folded idly along her chest:

"I hope that this wolf plays nice - I hope it does." Uso would say softly, before then adding, "Otherwise we could have trouble - very much trouble." The moth-woman concluded, her eyes narrowing briefly before she once again gave a slight smile in an attempt to at least appear somewhat hospitable.

They would all three await the arrival of the Queen's companion, allowing the fire to crackle and glow behind them as they did so - although Anatasia wondered what exactly prompted the wolf to wander its way to them in the forests outside of Twilight City, she hoped that it was not dire news but at the same time was uncertain as to what it could be otherwise, though she held out hope for now.

She also hoped that the inclusion of her newfound companion in the form of Veralia and also the accompaniment of Uso would not deter the Queen, though she was confident that the demon woman would be understanding of her wishing to bring along these two with herself and Ash being the already known elements to the group.

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James Smith
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PostSubject: Re: Till Kingdom Come [Private]   Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:54 pm

Jingee had been in the same forest as the time when he had originally met Sarila in. He was looking for Steve - who had never managed to return and help Jingee out of that tree he fell from - however he has had no luck for the past two weeks. Too bad.. Jingee thought. He had some food for him and his little squirrel family, which he promised in exchange for having showed him around the area.

He decided he was going to give up that day, and travel on. He had met a few more animal friends in the forest, one of which being a crow he dubbed Bob. Bob wasn't really helping Jingee look for Steve, he was moreso just using him as a rest in between flights and following Jingee around. Jingee didn't mind however, gave him someone to talk to. Jingee'd known Bob for about a week, and unfortunately neither had found Steve.

Jingee was just about to leave the forest - along with his newfound companion Bob, who was resting along Jingee's powerful magical staff - when he ran into a familiar animal. It was one of the wolves that had accompanied Sarila all those few weeks ago. It had turned out that Sarila had sent out Crona so that the two could meet. Crona had informed him that this was involving the creation of a kingdom that Sarila had in mind. Jingee had found this interesting, and decided to help his old friend. "Alright, this will be fun then." He told Crona, and followed along with her. Bob also stayed along, perched on the staff that Jingee held over his shoulders, talking with them as he went along.

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PostSubject: Re: Till Kingdom Come [Private]   

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Till Kingdom Come [Private]
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