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 Isis Sceru (WIP)

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Isis Sceru


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PostSubject: Isis Sceru (WIP)   Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:43 pm

Full Name: Isis Sceru
Alias/Epithet: Silent Whisper
Age: 219
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Pansexual
God: Marron
Origin: Forgotten Lands
Crafting: N/A
Class: Intriguer

General Appearance: A being with hair made from purple that cascades down her back in long locks, and eyes that seem featureless due to the fact the iris blends into the whites, Isis takes the form of a young woman in her early twenties. Her ears are pointed, similar to one of an elf's and her skin a sickly pale color.The eyelashes and brows are dark and thick, her lips are almost pitch black. Isis's nails are long and pointed, painted black, giving the impression that they may even be claws. In addition to this two large pair of wings sprout from her back, 5 feet wing span, dark in color and feathered sparsely. Isis' body shape is one of an hourglass, having a large bust and hips yet having an apparent waistline.

Isis wears a metallic forehead protector on her head along with metal armbands on her long forearms. Her top is sparsely covered, wearing only a purple bra with the strap wrapping around her waist being the only semblance of clothing upon her upper body besides her armbands. Completing this outfit with a purple dress with golden/silver outlines on the sides that flow freely and wraps around her slender legs. The dress is very torn, often in several strips, Isis does not wear any footwear.

Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: White, with a purple tinge
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5'6
Weight: 157lbs
Tattoo: Isis possesses the mark of Marron upon her back as well as a lightning shaped tattoo under her left eye.

Personality: Boredom, the constant state she resides in.  
Personality Quirks: (Everyone has a unique quirk or habit, such as unique laughs, or habits like a lack of sense of direction. Be creative, and be as silly as you would like.)
Likes: (List 3 Likes)
Dislikes: (List 3 Dislikes)
Motivations: To spread chaos upon the world
Fears: (List 3 fears)

Home Town:(The place where your character was born and raised)
Character History:(Optional)

Face Claim: League of Legends: Morgana
Voice Claim: Isis's Voice[/b]
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Isis Sceru (WIP)
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