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 Relaxation (Kohana)

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Takumi Yoshino


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PostSubject: Relaxation (Kohana)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:01 pm

Takumi lept nimbly onto the tree branch, purple ponytail flowing in the wind. Ah, it was a beautiful day! He had travelled here to see for himself the beauty of this massive forest, and wasn't disappointed in the slightest. It was magnificent! The cool wind, rustling the emerald leaves of the trees, clear, sparkling rivers and streams, the bright sun, enough to warm but not to burn, it was all amazing, and extremely different from his homeland. His was a land of burning sun and hot sand, with little water and great amounts of desert critters. A small smile played across his face, seeming to light it up. Sitting down, he let his eyes close, the warm sunlight streaming through the branches overhead to warm his face.

"This place is nothing like Adaria to be sure..." He mumbled as he let his consciousness drift away. Anybody passing by would see a young man sleeping like the dead, his ponytail hanging down from underneath a white turban, and wearing large amounts of ornate jewelry. Though jewelry was to be expected, he wasn't a Jeweler for nothing.


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Relaxation (Kohana)
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