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 The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]

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PostSubject: The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]   Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:43 am

Task Details:

Humming to herself a small melody, Laela was momentarily distracted by the large congruent of people now assembling in front of the large staging area. The singer briefly wondered why so many would show up to such a mediocre play with no music to make up for it, and was only slightly frustrated, given how much harder that made her job. Protecting the life of someone is one thing, but doing it without knowing who their enemy is nor when they will strike, while also attempting to avoid interrupting the play and ruining the show.

"Remember, no one can ruin the show! It is vital!" Sir Redulfi lectured her for the millionth time as they walked, causing Laela to roll her eyes in a mix of frustration and mockery. "My apologies for my candor, dear Kainen, but I believe it is hard to ruin perfectly good stool." She replied, her lips curving upwards into a sly smile. The man next to her stared daggers at her for a moment, before laughing. "Yes, well, try not to let my customers know that, or else I may end up splatted in a suspiciously tomato-like substance by the end of the night." He countered with a playful grin. If there was one thing Laela appreciated about the man, it was his willingness to take a joke. If there was something she didn't exactly appreciate, it was his obsession with success. The blue-haired singer was much more of a relaxed person, so having someone so stressed with success made her frustrated.

Together, the two rounded a corner onto the stage. They entered the backstage area, a complex maze of wiring, catwalks, curtains and ropes. "You can either set up back here or in the crowd, but keep a vigilant eye." The blonde-haired actor told the blue-haired woman, crossing his arms. "The play will be beginning soon. Any partners of yours will either join you back here or in the crowd." He finished, turning to her again. "And remember-" "no interruptions in the performance, I got it." Laela finished his sentence, before sending him a well-meaning glare.

"I've got this. Go get ready." She exclaimed, pushing him towards the small tent set up for the actors. With a look of worry, the actor hurried off, leaving Laela to her own thoughts. She peeked out from behind the curtain, getting a good look at the crowd now gathering as the sun began set on the city of Ice Berg. Here was hoping everything went off without a hitch.


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PostSubject: Re: The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]   Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:17 pm

This show is bloody boring, muses a young Demon in the audience, violet colored eyes dulled by boredom, he fidgets slightly in his seat, expecting something a bit more than just...this, whatever this is called.
Certainly not entertainment, really the entire affair is pathetic, the storyline is boring, the acting is stiff, phoned in and worst sin of all...
There's no music, no life, no energy!
This isn't something he can let stand, so..Ignoring a few suspiciously dressed mine wandering about in a myriad of places, he casually steps back from the crowd, just as the Lead, if he could be called such, begins a monologue in his droning voice..
The Play is already long underway and whatever actions that have happened beforehand have been played out, the man raises his arms to declare something-
Then music cuts through the monotony, guitar carrying a slightly metallic sound drawing the attention of all those in the vicinity.
Quinn of course, stands at the center of the commotion, making a show of looking around thoughtfully, before he flicks his wrist out as if his index finger is switching something on, he purses his lips and narrows his eyes before his other hand flicks out to the opposite direction and he slowly nods in approval as the beat kicks up..

He steps forward, one of his lithe legs crossing over the other before he twirls smoothly and raises both hands, as if guiding a wave, his finger snapping as the music kicks into full gear, drowning the noise of the acting out completely, the drums beat picking up as the Demon begins subtly flicking his head in tune with the beat, long hair swaying his shoulders rolling from the left and the right in a sensual manner, the young Demon's lithe body itself becoming part of the impromptu performance as he sways almost hypnotically, to the low rhythm..
Then he starts to sing, his smooth tenor cutting through the murmurs and causing a bit of surprise at the clearly trained vocalist and just how smooth the vibrato is.

"Shoot for the stars, if you feel like, and aim for my heart, if it feels right..~"

He begins, magic subtly flowing through his words, several people in the crowd begin swaying and tapping along with the Purple Haired interloper, whose quickly stealing the spotlight from those on stage.

"And take me away, and make it okay, I swear I'll behave..~"

He continues, body rolling as he leans back, shoulders swaying from left to right, his left leg bracing his body and keeping it upright, showing off the strength of his core and his unusual height for someone so young, his movements are fluid, smoothly transitioning from side to side in a seductive show of grace and rhythm, his last line punctuated with a cheeky smirk and sly wink.

Before he suddenly spins and begins strutting forward towards the stage, steps syncing up with the beat, his confidence causing the crowd to part before him like a sea, his eyes locked on those of the furious Lead, his body giving off the impression of aggressive superiority.

"You wanted control, so we waited, I put on a show, now we're naked."
"You say I'm a Kid, my Ego is big, I don't give a shit..~"

He pauses at the center of the crowd, tossing his hair back and allowing his long legs to spread slightly, before his wrist flicks out finger aimed at the Lead, his grin widening savagely before he delivers a sudden declaration of, hand rising and finger curling inward to point at himself, before raising to aim at the sky.

"And it goes like this..~!"

The music's tempo picks up and the Demon suddenly kicks out to the left, body leaning to the right before smoothly spinning on his heel, hips arching backwards as his arms roll out in sync with his legs in a rolling motion, creating a sudden flurry of choreographed movements, hips and shoulders rolling sensually as the music increases even louder, the compulsion to dance along becoming almost painful as he carries the show away...

"Take me by the tongue, and I'll know you~! Kiss me til yer drunk and I'll show you~!"

The crowd is joining in now, clearly enamored with the impromptu performance from the Demonic Dancer, the real show has begun, and while not exactly a participant, he's most certainly become a disrupting presence to the Play.
And he's loving every bloody second that they have their eyes on him.

"Jealous Folks, are the only Critics~"
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]   Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:58 pm

Sebastian found himself walking down an icy path with each footstep melting the ice, and making it easier for him to walk due to his ability to manipulate his body heat. This cold is something that usually bothers those who aren't fully equipped with the necessary attire such as a coat, scarf, or gloves, but Sebastian didn't need any of that stuff. The man naturally emits a warm, soothing aura about ten meters around him, so the cold is something that has never burdened him since he was a child. The weaver found himself looking about for a place to rest his head, perhaps take a quick nap.

From the moment he came to this place, Sebastian has found himself in odd predicaments like getting a child from out of a well to helping an elderly woman cook for her grandchildren. Sebastian is still puzzled as to how he found himself in those situations, but it didn't really bother him. It certainly beats having to hide from the law back in Windaria for the many bar fights he may, or may not have started. The nerve of that kingdom, placing a bounty on his head for the foolish actions of drunks! Though that irritated the white haired man some, he still found it enjoyable in a way. He finds all of the things destiny has in store for him to be interesting.

Who wouldn't?

As he continued on, Sebastian lowered his head, his eyes glued to the ground he walks upon with a relaxing smile on his face. He may not be able to feel the cold, but it was sure as hell enjoyable, looking at this beautiful ice as it is something he didn't normally see back at Ventari. Continuing his walk, the man would raise his head up with an eyebrow raised after hearing the sound of others. He'd see that he found himself at some concert. "Oh?" Sebastian placed a hand under his chin, as he looked at the people. He was curious as to see what would be happening here, who would be preforming?

Then another thing went through Sebastian's mind. He'd turn his head, and look up, noticing that he was right beside the stage. Instead of waiting to see who would be participating here, why not just go into the back, and find out? A solid plan! One that wouldn't get him into too much trouble....right?

Sebastian turned around, and made his way to the back of the stage through a door in the back that happened to be unlocked. Not only was there any security back there, but there wasn't any guards! Weird, but maybe the people of this land were just that much of a friendly bunch. Like most of anything else, Sebastian just shrugged it off, and walked in, climbing up some stairs, his boots pressing against the wooden ground with each step. After walking a bit more, he'd stop at the first person he saw, a blue haired girl peeking out of the closed curtains. One of the performers perhaps?

"My my, I hope you're not coming down with a case of stage fright." Sebastian claimed casually as he pulled a nearby folded chair towards him, unfolding it before sitting down on it the opposite way, his arms now resting on the top of the chair with his chin resting on his arms. Just then the sound of music, and someone singing could be heard coming from the other side of the curtain. "Ahhhh, I'm sure you will be fine. Just like whomever is out there right now." he chuckled some, waving a hand reassuringly before lowering it, still thinking this girl to be a performer.....and ignoring the fact that he could get arrested for coming back here like this.
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PostSubject: Re: The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]   

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The Death of a Well-Spoken Gentleman [Open]
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