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 Iselin Serine[WIP]

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Takumi Yoshino


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PostSubject: Iselin Serine[WIP]   Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:17 pm

Name of Kingdom: Iselin Serine
Name of Base: Astal Castle
Kingdom Crest:

King/Queen: Takumi Yoshino
1st Commander: Kagura Shishido
2nd Commander:


Motto: "To love is to see the light shining deep within."

Defining your Kingdom:

Each kingdom has its own way of ranking people, it's own structure for who has power over what. Iselin Serine has a king, below him are the 8 generals, each with a different job, though all of them hold equal power within the kingdom. Each general commands their own squad of soldiers, each with a distinct and unique type of weaponry. Kagura, for example, commands a group of swordsmen, whereas Takumi might command mages, etc.

The ranks look like this:

Rules over the whole kingdom.

Takumi Yoshino

General of War
This is the general responsible for keeping peace in the kingdom, and leading the armies in times of war.


General of Life
This is the general responsible for looking out for the interests of the common people of the kingdom, and responsible for protecting the kingdom from invasion. They are the counterpart to the General of War.

Kagura Shishido


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Iselin Serine[WIP]
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