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 King's Cards

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PostSubject: King's Cards   Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:43 pm

Skill Set Name: King's Cards
Elemental Property: Darkness/Fire
Stat Specialization: ATK Magic
Skill Set Information: Requires a deck of cards to properly use. A variation of holders and summoners magic, Yugi can summon monsters from another dimension as long as he has a card to use for the contract, though the summoning is based on his own magical expertise and skill and therefore, random.
Dark King's Rage;
The monsters from the dimension Yugi summons from have all been in some way or another, been beaten down by followers of good and just gods. This pent up rage causes them to attack with greater force against followers of gods that are on the side of light.
[Yugi, as well as his monsters, gain +5 ATK and +5 Def against those that follow Gods of Light]

Contractual Cards;
Once the summoning of a Spell or Monster begins, the card used is enveloped in Ghostly white flames and becomes ethereal and immune to damage.

Blazing Aura;
A gift from the monsters of this dark dimension, Yugi has a faint aura of fire and darkness. This gives him a slight defense increase against certain elements.
[+5 Def against Nature Magic. +5 Def against Light Magic]

Skill Set Strengths:
Dark Castor;
As one that uses and channels Dark Magic, the element is naturally less effective against him.
[+5 DEF against Darkness Element]

King of Games;
Efficient at every game there is, and even more efficient at using them as weapons.
[+10 ATK when using a game based weapon]

Skill Set Weakness:
Channeling Time;
While Summoning the user must remain in one position until the summoning is finished.

Ranged Attacker;
While proficient at attacks with throwing or trick weapons, he hasn't quite gotten used to defending from opponents who have gotten within his range.
[-5 Defense when against a physical attack]

Technique Name: Monster Card
Technique Rank F
Technique Focus Attack
Technique's Duration
Technique Description: Allows the user to summon a monster at random, within their skill and magical capabilities as long as they have a card to draw.
The monsters in game will seem like luck, but the player decides this by rolling a dice before their post if they intend to use this skill. Monsters can only be summoned once every 2 posts.

Rolling a 1-2;
Summons a weak monster, the same rank as the user but with no armor or weapons and will have to rely on natural claws or teeth. Can only be up to 3 feet tall.

Rolling a 3-5;
Summons a Normal monster the same rank as the user, with armor and weapons equal to that rank. Can be up to 6 feet tall.
[Weapons must be average Weapons, no magical abilities]

Rolling a 6;
Summons a Powerful Monster, One rank above the Users with armor and weapons to match. Can be up to 10 feet tall.
[Armor must be average, but weapons can have simple magic abilities. Regular fireballs, throwing lightning bolts, simple stuff.]

Summons always appear within 8 feet of the user.

Technique Name: Spell Card
Technique Rank F
Technique Focus ATK
Technique's Duration
Technique Description: The user can cause a random effect by using a card in the same style as Monster Card. The user must roll a dice before their post if they intend to use this spell, with the dice deciding the spells effect, and they must have a card to draw, Cannot be used on the same post as Monster Card

Rolling a 1-2;
The user may give themselves or a monster +5 ATK.

Rolling a 3-5;
The user may give themselves or a Monster +10 ATK and +10 DEF

Rolling a 6;
The user may increase a Monsters Rank by 1, giving it the Weapons and Armor to match that Rank as well as +20 to all stats

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King's Cards
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