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 Task: Crescent Moon; Bloody Tides

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PostSubject: Task: Crescent Moon; Bloody Tides   Sun Feb 26, 2017 4:58 am

Task Title: Crescent Moon; Bloody Tides
Class Task: C
Task Requirements: Auric and up to 2 others. Protect the crew and goods from pirates lurking in the area. [2 Ships of Pirates. 15 per ship, mostly cannon fodder. Real threat is the Captains of each vessel, both F rank
Task Location: Aquious, a trip from one island to the next.
Task Description: Ganhar, a captain of a profitable shipping company, has offered to hire on some extra hands for protection from local pirates that have been raiding his vessels. Any who would apply would be compensated, as well have their pick of any treasure or weapons found on pirate threats.

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Task: Crescent Moon; Bloody Tides
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