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 The Spiral Sun [WIP]

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PostSubject: The Spiral Sun [WIP]   Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:01 pm

Name: The Spiral Sun
Owner: Majestic Majesty Crew
Class: SS
Description: This Ship Able to travel on the sea at an Extremely Swift pace. It has Ten Large enclosed rooms and 31 cannons; 15 on each side and one in the front. It is decorated in high quality gear from all over the map and Is able to fit a crew size of 500[Not including PC's].
Rooms: (Describe your rooms if you have no rooms put N/A This is for Ship Transportation or other Transportation if it applies.)


Slot One: Epic Cargo: Is able to hold a massive amount of Cargo.
Slot Two: Triple Speed: This Attachment grants the vessel X3 speed.

Slot Three: Onyx Cannons: Crafted by a Forger and enhanced with Enchanted Onyx Stones in each of the cannons. The Darkness Element is laced with the heavy duty Steel.

Slot Four: -Open-
Slot Five: -Open-
Slot Six:(Unlocks at X Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
Slot Seven:(Unlocks at Y Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
Slot Eight:(Unlocks at Z Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])

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The Spiral Sun [WIP]
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