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 A Cup of Tea [Social - Invite Only]

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PostSubject: A Cup of Tea [Social - Invite Only]   Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:58 pm

This was perhaps Laela's favourite place to be during the mornings. The sound of waves hitting the docks of the port city were like music to the singer's ears, and the birds that flew overhead were similar to ornaments hanging from the big blue sky, which was clear as the sea on a typical day. The sea smell was especially potent, due to being directly across the street from the ocean, but the smell of the sea was one of Laela's favourite parts about Ice Berg, and Aquious in general. A small breeze, warm and welcoming, caused her hair to blow casually in the wind. Sitting outside her special little coffeehouse, Traveler's Respite, and sipping a cup of tea was the best way to start a day, in her mind. She took a sip of the green tea, feeling the warm liquid slip down her throat, and couldn't help but grin. Her hands tapped the wooden table, the blue-haired woman looked around the empty cafe as she hummed a small song to herself. Idly, she touched her mother's amulet that hung around her neck. 'The power to turn song into water...' She thought to herself as she spun it around, her thumb passing over the lapis stone in the centre.

The seaside cafe was a popular one in town, which made it somewhat surprising that it was so empty as of this moment. Usually, Laela was one of many customers in the mornings, but the other regulars seemed oddly absent. "Oh well, more for me!" She said to herself quietly, unable to resist grinning slightly as she stirred her tea.
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PostSubject: Re: A Cup of Tea [Social - Invite Only]   Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:36 pm

Lilith had just arrived in Ice Berg in the country of Aquious. Today she was wearing a fitted black, jacket over a white long sleeved, collared button up shirt with a short black pleated skirt and a pair of black healed shoes. She had the looks of a professional model. Her emerald green hair was just down, lying against her back. It was sunny out, with a slight warm breeze and the sounds of waves and birds in the nearby distance.

It was a rather peaceful place. Nothing chaotic happening, just peace. It kind of irritated the emerald demon. This place was nothing like her hometown and home country. It was much brighter and full of life. Something that she did not particularly care for but it certainly was not unbearable. Upon arriving on the island, she'd heard from a crew member on the ship she had come here on that there was a popular seaside cafe that had great tea and pastries.

Intrigued by this information, she asked the crewmen where it was located. She found the place not too long after disembarking onto land. However, despite what the sailor had said, the cafe was nearly dead as far as business went. Only one customer was sitting at the outdoor tables. It was a young blue haired woman with pointed ears. Judging from her physical appearance, it was probably safe to assume she was elven. A creature on the side of light. This fact made the beautiful demon scowl in disgust.

She decided to avoid the elven woman by going straight inside the cafe, making sure to avoid eye contact. Once the door shut behind her, Lilith proceeded to the counter and ordered a cup if green tea along with a strawberry pastry. She then took a seat at one of the many available tables inside to wait for her order to be ready.

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A Cup of Tea [Social - Invite Only]
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