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 The Ragecano.

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PostSubject: Re: The Ragecano.   Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:05 pm

The Ragecano wrote:

Full Name: (The Devil) Ragecano
Alias/Epithet: The Destroyer, Mad Demon
Age: Approx. 649, looks 20
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Sexuality: Straight
God: Unknown
Origin: Umbros
Crafting: Blacksmith
Class: Bounty Hunter

General Appearance: The Ragecano's body is actually not as menacing as most might think when it is in its normal forme. On the contrary, most might mistake him for your regular bleached-blonde-haired human. He stands at a meager 5'10, and weighs in at approximately 168 pounds. Generally, he's a lean build. Ragecano's body also features several scars from years of events that he's honestly forgotten. Covering his arms are a series of tattoos of random designs, colored in a stark black. He'll usually be seen wearing a white jacket with black spike designs that will cover his entire body from neck to ankle. Under it lies a white shirt and black pantaloons of a currently unknown fabric. His hair is kept in a wild style, with a headband covering the forehead and keeping the hair from covering his eyes somehow.

When it comes to his demon forme, it can best be described as "bigger is better". In this form, Ragecano grows to a massive six feet and seven inches, and gains about sixty pounds of extra weight. His skin will also become a deep red, and the tattoos on his arms also turn into simple markings. The nails on his fingers also become more pronounced, to the point of becoming claws. Ragecano's hair will also turn a certain shade of red and orange.

Hair Color: Bleached Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Caucasian or Red
Height: 5'10 - 6'7
Weight: 168-228 lbs
Tattoo: None asides those described


1. Mild.
Ragecano can be described as a calm man, slightly aloof. He isn't usually beaming with a huge smile plastered over his face, but he also isn't the kind of person who'd keep a scowl for too long. To put it simply, he's a person who's in the middle in terms of general mood, though that doesn't excuse him from having other emotions.

2. Massively Pissed.
On the rare occasions that Ragecano does get angry, people who might not know him might think that there was no such thing as his calmer traits. He is prone to yelling extremely loudly when pissed, often times without good reason, and can and will shout profanities when he gets the chance. Most who know him will just know that this is a phase.

3. Committed.
When on the job, he can be described as very committed to the job. This is due in part to his mafia-style upbringing. His family was part of a huge mob, but that'll be explained later on. Anyways, the only way Ragecano will actually fail a job is when something is interfering with him enough so that he can't finish it properly.

4. Certainly on the perverted side.
Most people wouldn't take the way Ragecano was raised as exactly normal. Especially considering he was raised with a father who consistently cheated on his wife. As a matter of fact, Ragecano was even taken to a strip club once! As a result, he has become quite the perverted one, and if he didn't show it directly, you'd be able to see it in his gaze. If he does forget to hide it by any chance, you'll know it in his manner of speech changing.

5. Aiming to Please(and kill.)
When in a fight, Ragecano keeps most of his aforementioned traits, except he tends to be of a darker nature than usual. He'll still wise-crack and make average conversation, but his speaking will be laced with a hint of foul intent. If the topic of killing is brought up, he'll talk about it as though he were talking about any other thing, except that he'll release some of his killing intent.

Ragecano isn't exactly the most well-rounded person out there. Some people might go so far to call him a lunatic, but I won't give too much detail and let you find out for yourself.
Personality Quirks: (Everyone has a unique quirk or habit, such as unique laughs, or habits like a lack of sense of direction. Be creative, and be as silly as you would like.)

1. Money
2. Gambling
3. Sex
4. Cash
1. Homosexuality
2. The Needy
3. Castles
Motivations: As of when this was written, he has no real goals asides from doing what he usually does. If he dies, he dies.
1. Spiders
2. Any insect which crawls on its stomach(think centipedes)
3. Scorpions

Home Town: Twilight City
Character History: Unknown at the moment

Face Claim: Minato Namikaze from Naruto and Kenpachi Zaraki in his Bankai form from Bleach
Voice Claim: Christopher Moltisanti from HBO's The Sopranos
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The Ragecano.
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