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 Transportation Creation

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PostSubject: Transportation Creation   Sun May 17, 2015 5:38 pm

"..Ah! I see you have come here to enjoy the finer ways of Transportation! No? Maybe you would like a horse instead.."

Your going to need some sort of transportation if you are going to get anywhere in the world.. Unless you want to enjoy the Journey just walking about.. Here you are able to create any form of transportation you would like, be it a Ship, Horse, Car, Blimp, Airplane, Ect.. However, you will need a crew for bigger transportation. At first you will receive a Free 'F' Class Transportation; F Class is the Lowest Quality and can be found pretty much at any shop or dealership. Nothing special about these at all.

An Important thing to realize about Transportation is that only Only C Class - SS Class gain [Attachment Slots] Which can be bought in the Shop Area of the forum. These Attachments give your transportation a Variety of different Special Abilities such as Bulletproof tires, up-armored vehicles, and even the ability to go under water.. to say a few. But The better the attachment is, the more it will cost.

Types :



[b]Name:[/b] (Name of the Transportation)
[b]Owner:[/b] (Owner of Transportation)
[b]Class:[/b] (F Class, C Class, A Class, Ect..)
[b]Description:[/b] (Describe your Transportation, Give details, maybe some history and a Picture if you would like.)
[b]Rooms:[/b] (Describe your rooms if you have no rooms put N/A This is for Ship Transportation or other Transportation if it applies.)


[b]Slot One:[/b] (Unlocks at C Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
[b]Slot Two:[/b](Unlocks at B Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
[b]Slot Three:[/b](Unlocks at A Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
[b]Slot Four:[/b](Unlocks at S Class[Must Buy the Attachment at the Shop])
[b]Slot Five:[/b](Unlocks at SS Class[Must Buy the Attachment at
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Transportation Creation
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