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 The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:03 pm

He smiled as he saw the bitch of darkness vanish. Looking to see a cat girl in his sight. Before he could even speak Trillion was on the ground clearly she was more than a cat. He smiled knowing he posed a threat to Pandora. So much so she personally order his death. Trillion looked to the sky as she gotten up as his body was soon no more. The cat girl looked at him as she saw him motionless and nothing more. Trillion smiled as he remember when he was a kid well happier times. He knew that once The cat girl dissatisfied the dark goddess her fate will be the same. She claimed he was a fake however he was in fact a high priest. He was reincarnated over and over again somewhere along the way. He lost his soul yet still knew where it was. Trillion smiled because he was thinking he was killed by such a beautiful woman. Just sad he was going to died such a ugly way. As the cat girl walked up Trillion slowly stood up as he looked around. Demons looking at him in his sound defeat. Just another loss for a born well yeah. Trillion walked over to a dagger holding it into the near by cliff or whatever you call it. He nailed the dagger into the wall slide as he smiled, well Once she realize she didn't end me like she thought I hope she gets what's coming to her. I'm well damn I guess it's time. suck too die young it really does but Mark my words when I return it will be he'll to pay. Hell is where I'm going shame, What the cat girl did could have in fact killed him right than in there. But due to his half demon blood and his lineage he held out a little longer. Not given Pandora followers a chance to embarrass him he prayed to Xi to show mercy on his soul.

Trillion than began to crush himself into the dagger neck 1st. Over and over again as if he was being stabbed in the neck as his body fell down. For once his he smiled a happy smile as he laid dead.

Kilala leaped from building to building than down to the alley as she hid waiting for her master.

Trillion epic death
Image (GRAPHIC):

Trillion looked down at the battle going on wondering what happening. Trillion soul is now wondering as a vengeance sprit or to seek out Xi hoping for another chance.

I don't judge people based off their sex who or what sex they like or who they worship or by they race. So don't judge me if I'm being  a little silly I'm a prankster after all.. At the end of the day we are who we are and that's human... And yes I'm no Yale English language teacher umma misspell a lot of ish.
Leave jimmy alone...

Last edited by Prankster on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:17 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Placed image in spoiler due to size and graphic detail.)
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:55 pm

Auros was forced to raise an arm to shield his eyes as a bright ranibow light destroyed his minion's shadow balls. The goat grit his teeth in frustration as he looked for the source. Someone new had shown up and now he had ANOTHER obstacle in his way from accomplishing the task Pandora had set out for him! He couldn't hold back anymore, he needed to use everything he had and risk it all if he wanted to do this! As he steeled himself to risk everything however, he felt a hand touch his back, vitality rushing back into his body.

The hand as it turned out, belonged to an ancient witch. Auros watched as a new fresh horde of demons rose up all around him. "Liven things up huh?" He would look to the new giant of a person standing next to him, smirking slightly as he got an idea. "My name is Auros. How does breaking through that wall sound? Just don't run too far ahead and I'll make sure you have the power." After introducing himself, Auros would turn away slightly and shout to the demons. "Thirty more greater demons, copy me and follow my lead! You two, use this man's form and assist him!"

A crowd of greater Shadows would turn to Auros and take his form, while the two remaining from his personal gaurd would lose their form as the people they copied fled, instead changing into Ambros and moving to either side of him. "Now, shadow battlion, follow behind those three and give them the power to destroy that wall! Don't let them fall! Today the dark beats the light!" The demon tactician threw a hand forward towards Ambros and the Shadow Ambroses, all the Shadow Auroses copying him. Dark magic rapidly flowed into all three of them from the crowd of shadow goats, surrounding and filling them with power. With them being powered up, Auros added in something a bit quieter, not wanting to shout it where the enemy would hear him. "And make sure I don't fall either." The group would wait for Ambros and his shadow clones to begin charging before additionally pouring dark magic into Auros while creating clouds of darkness around them, the crowd vanishing in a large blob of darkness that would follow behind the three huge fighters. Auros would take a deep breath before shouting into the battlefield. "CHAAARRRRRRGE!"

Battle stats:
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:50 pm

Lazuli followed close behind Zerina, watching in awe as she stopped several balls of darkness from causing any damage. She was incredible! She could stop anything it seemed like! When Zerina began speaking again, Lazuli would snap to attention and listen intently. "Yeah, I think you're right about those guys down there. All those little shadow guys look like a bunch of ants. You'd think they weren't that scary, but I accidentally sat on an ant hill once. Not fun. Maybe we should just-" Lazuli stopped speaking when she noticed the area suddenly fill with even MORE shadow demons, the two that had been fighting leaping up onto the wall again.

Her ears would droop sadly when she heard the swordsman beg for help from Zerina. The fox would look to her rainbow using friend worriedly, unsure what she would say... Zerina HAD said fighting down there was a dumb idea... "I don't know Zerina... It really seems like no matter how many these guys kill, more just keep coming. I like to fight and play, but this just doesn't fair. I think everyone should just leave." Lazuli would point towards the more northern part of the Eastern wall as she continued to speak, starting to smile a bit as she tries to bring some hope back to the people on the wall. "I mean, I don't hear any fighting coming from over there. I bet if everyone just ran that way, they could get away easy! And, you guys could probably rebuild somewhere else! Losing whatever's here might be bad, but sometimes when your tent is one fire you just have to get out and make a new one somewhere else. I mean, what's the point in staying in the tent and burning to death? It's not like you can try to cover something up with your body, the fire will just burn through you and get to it anyways." The fox girl smiled brightly, not realizing how rather gruesome her analogy was.

She would then turn towards Zerina, still smiling. "At least, that's what I think. This city seems pretty big, all the bad guys will probably be too busy looking around inside abandoned buildings to chase us if we get going. They'll all be slowed down and everybody can just get away now before everything is surrounded again." Lazuli would stumble a bit as the city around them shook from Destiny and Gorrath's fighting, the fox nervously laughing and starting to jog towards the east. "W-Well, I'm gonna go that way anyways! Anyone else who wants to just run away should come too! Zerina, you can fight if you want, I know i'd just be in your way if you had to protect me though, so I'm gonna leave! I'll wait around just outside the city as long as I can for you and Johnny to show up! Or just you!" With that, the fox would begin sprinting as fast as she could for the east, making sure to keep her ears perked up to listen for any sounds of battle and give them a wide berth, hearing a shout of "Charge" coming from beyond the south wall.
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Zerina Zayne
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:38 pm

Things were getting rather intense within Plasma City, and although she did honestly consider helping out the resistance fighters who attempted to protect the city from Pandora and her army, she knew that if she were to stay it would not only put Lazuli's life in danger - but her own if she were not careful.

It would seem that Lazuli had already realized this, as the fox girl had went on to explain in a graphic yet effective way as to why staying and protecting this city over their own lives would be a waste and furthermore only getting more people killed than saving them.

It was for these reasons that, upon hearing the desperate swordsman's plea she would give him a small shake of her head as she spoke towards him: "I only came here to collect my bounty." She said as she remembered that she needed to collect Johnny before leaving - as it would seem that she was not going to be turning him in here, not with an all-out battle going on around them.

"-But." She added after a pause, not being so completely cruel as to leave the defenders of this place without at least a little help so that they could escape with their lives for another day. "I will give you some advice: Run now, this city is not worth dying for." She concluded before then letting loose a magnificently colored blast of rainbow light that would illuminate an area of roughly ten meters around their current location hopefully for long enough to allow the defenders to flee while the demons were distracted before she herself would give the man along with the woman he had carried over a brief nod before leaving to collect Johnny and then meet up with Lazuli so that they could all leave together.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:23 pm

Artura was broken out of her panicked state by the sound of her Captain's voice within her mind that would say to her that their fellow crew-member who she only knew as "Mohawk" was in danger and that she need to help save him. Without so much as a second thought, the young Doctor would take a deep breath to steady herself and clear her mind before rushing off towards the West Gate where Azure, Mohawk and - unbeknownst to her - Khepri were located.

Provided that she did not encounter any interruptions along the way, Artura would arrive and immediately move up to the wounded Mohawk who was currently being stabilized by Khepri and assess his wounds, looking the man over and gently moving aside any garments that obscured his injuries. After finding the main source of the man's injuries, she would then reach out and begin to tend to his wounds, the crystals contained within her armored suit's gloves glowing as they came to life and provided additional power to her innate healing magic that she would begin to use as soon as she made contact with the injured man's body.

Moments like this gave her a sort of unparalleled clarity that let all the doubts about her abilities and her will to fight fade away and reminded her that she did not need to hurt others in order to protect her allies, she did not need to use a sword or a blade out of anger, her place was tending to those who had been hurt and making them well again - regardless of what they may have or may have not done prior to her arrival. Everyone deserved to live a long and healthy life, and Artura would do her best to ensure that they did, so long as she herself was alive and breathing.

"I can have him better in no-time."
Artura said confidently, casting a reassuring smile towards her crew as her magic radiated over the man in a golden aura, being used in conjunction with actual physical medical supplies such as gauze and the like that she carried in a satchel worn on the hip of her armor. "Thanks to Khepri's quick acting." She would then add, beaming a smile towards her crew-mate before then looking back towards her Captain and giving her a gentle nod. "And you did too, Captain - So don't you worry, Mohawk will be as good as new before you know it." She would conclude before then returning her focus onto Mohawk and whispering towards the man gently in order to reassure him of his safety in her care along with the protection of their crew.

"Just try to stay calm and relax, I will have you on your feet in no-time - Here, I can numb the pain, too." She would say quietly, reaching into her satchel and withdrawing an encased syringe which she would remove from its protective casing and sterilize before then injecting Mohawk with a specialized medicine that would serve to numb any pain that he may be experiencing as well as allowing him to endure more if it came to that.

"I am here for you."

Skills Used::

VP Cost + Healing Done:
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:12 am

As she prepared to face off against the hoard of shadow demons, a man suddenly appeared in front of her. Confused she brought up her blade thinking he was probably a friend of the man she had just attacked. But to her surprise, this new man helped her. She had been unaware of the fact that the man had tried to reach out to her. Turning her head she noticed the man's hand, the one that was still intact to his body, was outstretched almost in a motion to grab her. The man quickly came up to her and asked if she was alright. Cautiously she nodded, before remembering the shadow demons and continued her intended action of ending the shadow demons' lives. "I recommend you take care of those berserkers." She commented before she suddenly found them in pieces as if an unknown force had killed them all. "Seeing as they are already dead, yes I am alright. Thank you for asking." As the girl prepared to take off as well, she shot a warning at the man. "The city is dangerous you must escape." But before she could even take a step forward a loud sound echoed in her ears. The cry sent shivers down her spine. Suddenly, the west gate seemed like a better option for her.

Quickly, she took off in the direction of the Western Gate. Aien hoped that it would pose no challenge to get out of the cursed city, but she would not know. Taking one last look at her savior she quickly looked forward.  Silently Aien cursed herself, asking why she had even thought it would be a great idea to even involve herself with the battle. Trying to ignore her surroundings she continues forward.  However, there were a few words that she was unable to tune out no matter how hard to try. These words would hold the key to her survival, her key in order to escape the hell hole she was trapped in. She noticed three people: a woman with orange hair, a man with a sword and a fox girl. All four seemed to be talking, however, the fox had mentioned something about running away, implying she may have known a way out. Desperate to find a way out she approached them. "I mean no harm, but I overheard you all talk about a way to escape the city. I have no desire in fighting against anyone here, but I understand if I do not escape I will surely perish."

The woman, the one who seemed to be the fox girl's companion began to spoke, speaking of how the city is not worth dying for. A line that Aien could agree to without a second thought. The fox would quickly run away, and without a second thought, Aien would follow the fox. However, a shining light made her close her eyes before she was able to take a few steps. Closing her eyes she would continue to run in an effort to try to escape the city. She would only hope that her plan would work and she would escape the city alive.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:25 pm

A lot had conspired during the short amount of time Leo was in the flaming tornado. For almost anyone else this monster of an attack would have done massive damage. However, lucky for Leo fire and lighting felt warm and tingly. Leo spun high in the tornado unsure which way was up and which way was down. Leo was a seasoned fighter and fairly smart despite his lack of attention. He knew the only way to get out of this attack quickly was to create a large enough explosion to disrupt the flow of fiery wind that consumed him. Leo took both hand and slammed them together. This was one of Leo's strongest attacks. He had created a small explosion which made the tornado disburse in a swirl of flames. Leo was lucky, because the tornado had moved itself and him away from any bystanders. Leo then found himself a good story or two above a partially exploded building. Leo thought, "This is going to hurt a bit." He then fell from the sky crashing onto the roof.

Leo stood after a second. Dusted himself off and pulled out his flask. Leo took a drink and looked out to see he had only went a street or two away. Leo jumped down and ran back to where Symphony and Sarah were. "Sarah thank you so much for the assist that tornado really took me out of play for a second!" Leo said as he came running up to her. Sarah shouted at Leo, "THAT IS MISS SARAH! I mean honestly how hard is it for you to remember that. Anyways King Leo what is your next plan of attack or defend?" Leo thought for a moment then said, "My bad Miss Sarah. I think I will also stay here and protect Symphony until she is conscious then I will head for Snow.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:32 am

Listen to this while reading the post:

The first thing Ambros realized when he opened his eyes was that he wasn't dead. Hmm. Unexpected, but not a bad thing. The second thing he realized was that he wasn't in the streets of Adaria anymore. He was with the army of shadows on the outside of the city, far away from his rudely interrupted fight to the death with the girl. That tornado brat and his dishonor made the bear beast's blood boil and his face curl in a snarl just thinking about it. There was nothing to be done for it at this point, though. He had been given a new lease on life, and his was his time to show the world the true meaning of fear.

Ambros reached for his axe with his left hand to join the battle, only to realize that not only was he missing his axe, he was missing his left arm as well. While the being that had saved him had healed his wounds, it had not regrown his arm. He would have to do that part himself, it seemed. Still, as a warrior and an ally of these dark forces, he was bound to thank whoever helped him for their assistance. Ambros looked around to see a beautiful witch standing beside him, radiating power. Most likely, she was the source of his assistance. "For saving my life, you have my thanks," he said to the woman, unable to hide his discomfort. Thanking a person was not in the berserker's nature.

As he continued to scan the battlefield, Ambros noticed the small, goatlike humanoid standing beside him. He wasn't strong enough to be the commander, but he certainly had an air of importance beside him. The strategist, perhaps? Or perhaps not. Either way, what the goat was saying resonated with Ambros on a visceral level; it would be nigh impossible to decline, even if Ambros wanted to. He grinned wildly at his new ally, showing off a maw of predatory teeth. "I am Ambros Korg, servant of Gorrath. If you want a broken wall, Auros, a broken wall you shall have."

Ambros' remaining fist clenched as he watched the demons next to him become copies of him, while other demons copied Auros and caused power to flow into Ambros. Now was the time to pay back his suffering a hundredfold, with all the power his body could muster. His body tensed, all his muscles coiling like springs. As soon as Auros gave the signal to charge, he sprung forward; Ambros and his shadows hurtled forwards, annihilating every enemy within reach as the procession reached the wall.

Once the wall was reached, Ambros flexed his hand, allowing a massive chunk of energy to coalesce on his hand as his copies did the same. Within moments, each of the Ambros' single arms was crackling with immense amounts of purple lightning. Ambros took a deep breath, leveling with the wall. "In the name of Gorrath, I destroy the barriers before me!" He roared as he and the shadows leapt forward. All three of them collided with the wall simultaneously. The lightning flared, then dissipated; for a brief moment, it seemed as though the ability had fizzled.

And then the wall exploded.

There was a massive burst of purple lightning and a thunderclap that could be heard through almost the entire city as the chunk of wall near where the Ambroses had hit literally splintered into thousands upon thousands of rock and metal shards. Ambros pulled his hand back and laughed along with his doubles, a heartless and booming laugh that echoed over the battlefield as thousands of demons flowed through the newly created gap. "This is battle!" Ambros roared. "This is destruction incarnate! This is what it means to face a warrior of Gorrath! Fall before the cycle of change, slaves of light!"

He finished his monologue off with another burst of evil laughter before the euphoria of annihilation began wearing off. His eyes began scanning the battlefield, marking a path to his target. "Now, then..." he muttered. "Where's my arm?"

Damage and VP:

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:12 pm

Pandora's Silver mask seemed to fade away to the breeze and a smile curled up her beautiful face. She then appeared before Ana in the mystical fourth quarter where her Demons finished off Prankster's dead body by eating his remains, leaving not even bones. "..Well then.. You are one of the first of the Chosen to please me this day.. As a Reward I will gift you two things as promised." From out of no where a black robe lined in silver appeared in Pandora's left hand. The beautiful blackness lit up the abyss with its Obsidian Nature; And in her right hand appeared a Sword like none other that had been seen in quite awhile. "..This is one of the Shadow Djinn Weapons, It is the Ninth forged from the Shadows of the Ninth Djinn Weapon." Pandora put the robes in Ana's possession and then looked upon the Blade.

The Ninth :

"This is no joke of a sword- It possesses a True Dark Djinn.." Pandora's face lit up as the sword engulfed in Dark flames; She handed it to Ana and as she did the sword spoke. "..I have chosen you, New Master- Wield me to destroy the light and those who go against the Dark. May my black flames blacken the way so the light may never come near." With that being said the flames vanished and Pandora sheathed it before it was put in Ana's hands. Pandora then twirled her hand, putting Ana in the Dark robes in a wave of smoke before They both appeared on the battlefield. "Now then.. You are Truly part of The Circle.. One of the Twelve Dark Champions.. Go, Ana- Make my excitement rise!" With that being said the wall was shattered that instant by Ambros and the Goat, Further pleasing Pandora.

The demons all rushed in brilliantly through the massive opening and the Guards were soon overwhelmed with the power of the Shadow demons. Leo's Orange army was being taken out and beyond that, folks were running around like mad men. The only question that now remained was.. Would the demons over run the city? Or would the Heroes and the Chosen come together for one last charge?
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The Twelve


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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:38 pm

God of Destruction:

Gorrath made sure the path to the Eastern gate was beyond walk able. Rubble and destruction riddled through the streets and even if they were to climb the mountains of ruin they may get hit with wave upon wave of attacks that seemed to flash through the eastern and north eastern sections of the city. Gorrath took a deep breath and laughed like a maniac on a holiday as he swung his Axe again and again at Destiny. The blasts of Mystical steel upon mystical steel echoed loudly through the city as the two clashed endlessly.

"..You think.. You can go against me?! In Combat!?"
Gorrath roared loudly as the Eastern City shook. His armor clashed and clanged as he walked towards the bloodied Destiny once more. "You really think YOU can beat the Skull King?! The God of Destruction himself?" He snarled and swung his Axe once more in Destiny's Direction. This caused a Gaia quake and a wave of energy that would not be dodged so easily. Gorrath would soon notice Zerina and those who were with her. Gorrath allowed Destiny to catch her breath and release the loose blood in her mouth to visit with Zerina and Friends. "..Zerina Zayne... And Ants." He flashed quickly towards them, standing a mere 10 meters away with his Axe at the ready. "Skulls for my throne.. But some skulls are not worthy yet for that." Gorrath raised his Axe, Ready to swing at full speed.

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:04 pm

'Rain of Zeus':

As some time passed Symphony awakened next to Leo and Sarah Lockheart. Seeing as she wasn't dead she assumed that Leo had accepted the Alliance Offer and a simple smile was made. Sure, She should have been able to dodge Leo's attack with her speed but It just didn't work out that way this time around. In these moments she lifted herself up, shaking as she attempted. Grabbing her sniper rifle she raised it up to the sky, "..On this very day. In front of King Leo and Sarah Lockheart- I vow to myself and my territories that I will never loose a fight ever again.. until the day I die." She then fell to her knees, coughing up some blood.

She blinked a few times and then Patted Leo on the head before getting up, using her rifle as support. From a pouch on her belt she took out a red potion in which she drank quickly. The strength returned to her after a few minutes and she walked as if nothing had happened. "..Its called a Healing Potion- Very Rare and can only be made by Alchemists." She tossed one to Leo smirking. "..But you can only use one every so often.. Or else.. It kills you." She began to walk in the Direction of Gorrath, Destiny and Zerina. Things were about to get rather Interesting for her and everyone else involved in this battle... She knew that there was one more person hiding about and it was someone that even she wouldn't try and mess with..

"From this moment on, Leo! Its up to you and those who fight on your side! For now.. Im going to assist the other Demi Gods against this God. I hope Ill be able to assist.. May the nameless Divine be with you!"
She began to run in a flash of lightning, Vanishing from sight.
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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:05 pm

Play this during the post:

Chester giggled as his god disappeared, but was quickly startled by King Frost's massive entrance. It got cold, fast. He shivered as the temperature dropped rapidly. The adrenaline managed to warm him up when things started to happen. He looked over at King Frost, who quickly swung towards Jolly, creating a massive wind. Though he tried to stay on the ground he was launched away. Jolly could look over after blocking the attack, but Chester was gone.

Luck, however, was on his side. He stood in the right place and the force came from the right direction. Chester landed smoothly on the wall, sliding fast. Thinking quickly, he decreased his friction and slid along, looking down at the battlefield. Because of the speed he was going at, he only caught glimpses of each scene. He saw a woman cut down the bandit leader. A man with a mohawk fell valiantly, and he was being tended to. At the south gate, he saw several people and a girl with an umbrella congregating. Destiny and Gorrath fought eachother savagely. The east gate was completely dead. As Chester slid past it, the South Gate crumbled behind him, revealing an army behind it, which quickly began to flood in. Chester focused himself forward, however. He didn't have a plan to take on King Frost, but Chester never really needed plans.

Plans are for chumps.

He sprung himself off the wall, quickly landing on the back of King Frost's neck. He grabbed on, digging his claws in, scraping away at his skin. He slid around the giant's neck, clawing at it. With any luck, he'd find his jugular artery, and the giant would start to bleed out quickly. King Frost was, as his name implied, a king. And kings were simply destined for assassination. Chester's just the knife. He looked down a moment, spying Jolly and his two new allies. He laughed. Loudly. He continued to claw like mad at the king's neck. He slid around like a gymnast on bars. He felt around, dodging any attacks the King would throw at him. He could easily dodge him, after all.

After feeling around for a bit, Chester found it. King Frost's life was well within his reach. He felt his strength gather within his arms and claws, as he plunged his arms into King Frost's neck, quickly pulling out a giant red pile of flesh. He jumped off of King Frost, bringing the artery with him. The veins snapped, causing blood to pour out of the King, draining his life from him. Chester giggled, walking away slowly, dragging the artery along. Through the whole ordeal, he spoke only a few coherent words.

"This should make for fine entertainment. A merry feast, indeed."

How did Chester power up?:


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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:47 pm

Destiny coughed up a lot of blood and struggled to gain her balance as she got up slowly from the last strike. "..D-Damn it.." her vision blurred and the grip on her staff weakened, making it drop slowly to the ruined ground. A ting echoed through the area, confirming to anyone around that Destiny was in bad shape. Destiny's legs trembled and shook from the constant adrenaline rush; She had not even a thought nor care about how many wounds tethered her body but it was a fact that there would be countless wounds after it was over with. All she really thought about was taking out the God of Destruction, Here and now.

Just as Destiny glanced down at her staff, her knees gave out and she began to fall just as her staff did only moments before. A flash of light passed her vision and whispers surrounded her. "..Fayte L. Destiny.." She was caught quickly by a woman carrying a Sniper rifle. The lightning surrounding her sparked around like an intense storm and the glimmer in her eyes lit up Destiny's heart. "..It was Destiny--" Destiny managed to speak slightly before coughing up more blood. "..That we meet again." Symphony finished her sentence and helped Destiny upwards, Wrapping Destiny's arm around Symphony's neck. "..Do you think you will be able to take a jolt of lightning?" Symphony smiled, not even waiting for a reply. She quickly thrusted her fingers into destiny's chest, causing a massive shock to her body.

"This will heal your wounds.. Mostly. But the effect afterwards is painful and it will take a lot longer to heal.." Symphony's technique worked out pretty great because moments after the shock Destiny swiped up her staff with ease. "..I must go all out in this battle.." Destiny looked into Symphony's eyes and from out of nowhere a golden shield appeared brilliantly in Destiny's other hand. Symphony, in the same instance whipped her sniper rifle around, loaded it and put it in the upper ready position.


Gorrath prepared his swing against Zerina and those who were about to flee the city to the East. It was true that Gorrath's massive Axe could not kill them directly- Besides Zerina who was a Demi Goddess; However, The mass destruction that was about to be caused was more than enough to kill them all Indirectly. As usual, Zerina Spun her Umbrella upon her shoulder but her appearance transformed as soon as she saw Gorrath. Her black lips changed to a rainbow fashion, Her clothing flared with colors, and Her pale skin flashed to a beautiful tan color. "I have no choice." She walked in front of her mortal comrades and pointed her amazing red umbrella at Gorrath.

Gorrath swung fast and hard at the Demi Goddess but instead of Destruction when his Axe hit The Rainbow Reaper's umbrella, A brilliant explosion of Rainbow backfired in the God's face, causing him to stumble back. In this small amount of time Zerina put Lazuli and the other mortals in a rainbow bubble and rushed them over the ruins to a clear path towards the Eastern gate. Although, It would take awhile to get out of the city even from the spot she released them, At least they were away from Gorrath. ".. This war is just the beginning.. Lazuli, Go with them- I will find you If I survive.. But Stick together- Defeat the darkness.. Survive." Zerina looked at Lazuli with deep regret. She wanted to continue journeying with her.. But fighting Gorrath was personal to her.

Zerina frowned at the others and then to Lazuli as she disappeared in a flash of rainbows. The Path ahead was clear for them if they wished to escape. But Even outside the Gates.. They would have to find the right way out of danger.


Babo Gumba Smirked violently and proudly as the ones she had bet on made it through the gates. "OoOoOHHHH!!!! So beautifully Executed!" She flew up towards the sky and flashed to the gate in a beam of darkness, following Ambros, and the Fancy Goat. Babo Gumba.. The Eternal Witch, Known for her deals and amazing magical Feats. Was she a Chosen one? Yes.. She had been given the gift nearly 3,000 years ago, However, No one knew if she was a Demi God or not.

Babo rested upon the rubble, watching the events take place. Her demons exploded with power like a black ocean swallowing up a silver shore... And all she had to do was Summon them. What Kind of special abilities did this woman possess to do something so rare? Why was it she could do it? These questions had been asked many times before but the answers were obviously unclear.


It was a fact that Captain Jimmy Robins was quite a strong pirate.. But he was no fool. His men were greatly downsized and so it was with great regret that he had to retreat.. for today, anyways. But he would be back in the battles to come to face off against those who Went against Pandora. He had vanished with the remainder of his crew; Leaving the Western gate clear of Enemies, Besides the Demons that rushed from the South Gate.


The Ice Giant smiled greatly at the attempted strikes against his neck. It wasn't that the multiple strikes didn't do damage- Because they certainly did.. However, Each wound inflicted would not act like a regular wound where 'Blood' spilled. The Blue Fluid that was leaked would harden into a steel like Ice that further protected his neck and with each strike Chester produced further amplified his Defenses. When Chester Took out his artery and dragged it away It would explode quicker than Chester would be able to react causing shards of Ice to be thrown in every direction within fifty meters. The Ice shards that hit Chester would begin to spread across his skin, freezing his very tissue, His very Essence.

Chester wouldn't be hit with very many shards by the luck of the Nameless Divine.. But the three shards that did happen to get him would begin to take effect instantly. His left arm would soon be completely solidified in Ice and If it were to be hit in its current state he would, in fact, lose it. The Giant took a deep breath inhaling the breeze around him; halfway healing the artery that had been torn out. With a brilliant laugh the Frost King spoke. "Fighting two Chosen of the Nameless divine.. This is quite intense. But No matter how hard you try to defeat me today- I will survive. Ill give you a Choice.. If you shatter your arm, I will Leave this place and the three of us will fight a different day- However, If you do not shatter your arm.." The Frost King smiled wickedly, Extending his Weapons outwards, ready to strike.

"..I will slay you both today! I will make sure I Make you both into Ice statues In a single instance and shatter you to pieces." The Frost Giant's voice was terrifying.. He possessed the ability to freeze over the entire city if he wished to and it was apparent that he only came to this place for one reason.. To make himself known to the world once again. It was quite a choice... Would Chester shatter his own arm? Or would Jolly and himself suffer the fate of Ice?

Babo Gumba:

King Frost:

Captain Robins:

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:41 pm

The Demi-Gods clash valiantly with the Forces of Darkness, defending the Chosen as they fight their way back to the nearest exit of the City, carrying and leading the straggling soldiers as they go, the last hope of this dying city.
But against the Hordes of Pandora, they are found wanting, and all they can do for Plasma City, is save it's people and Soldiers.

Hordes of Black and the Gods of Darkness converge as the Demi-Gods defend the first generation from the beasts nipping at their heels, the Chosen carve a path for them and finally burst from the city gates and dash up the hills to the next city over, over the horizon, perhaps the Heroes of the City will glance back as they crest over the hill...And see the torrent of black rising up to form a tower in the center of the city, a black which expands and then shrouds the skyline over Plasma City blocking out the sun itself as a clear signal to all who would see it...

Pandora has risen, and the Heroes of Light have failed..

But for those who wield the Light, this was not a true failure...Perhaps now, they realize that this era of Peace has made them unprepared for the Darkness, perhaps it has lit a fire in them, one which will light the Path to Victory, when the Darkness once again threatens the Innocent.

World Beware, for the Goddess of Darkness has returned.

- End, Pandora side Victory.

Click Here for Rewards.

“The world's full of bad things.
We can fight back, not just physically, but by showing people that it's okay to keep laughing.
It's okay to mock the assholes that keep trying to make the world be worse than it is.
That's how you really take their power away.
We laugh at them because they hate it, because they want to bring us down to their level.
So we don't let that happen.
We show people that all the monsters in the world can't take away humor, fun and hope.”

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PostSubject: Re: The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]   

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The Return of Pandora [EVENT ARC]
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