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 Who treads this lonely path [OPEN}

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Apoli Retsuno
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First Generation

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PostSubject: Who treads this lonely path [OPEN}   Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:07 am

Stretching, Apoli glanced down either side of the fork in the road, curious of how he should proceed. He had planned to visit the city to see if there were any good rumours about treasure but now...he was honestly unsure of where to go. His long black coat moved a bit as he dusted it off, taking a seat on the ground to ponder. Inside his head, a voice other than his own spoke up.
I would say the left path. It looks to be more traveled, which would mean people.
Apoli nodded his head, understanding the logic but...they also could have gotten turned around and that could be heading in a completely different direction.
The voice picked up again, seemingly exasperated.
Well if we would have taken the main road and not had, as you put it, and adventure, we would be there by now.
Apoli couldn’t exactly argue this point but on the other hand...the walking through the woods had been somewhat relaxing, though there had been nothing in the way of treasure.
Well then, Apoli, I guess we could wait till someone comes by or you get bored, I suppose.
The Fairy nodded at this, happy to continue sitting as he waited for someone to come along.
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Who treads this lonely path [OPEN}
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