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 Jenna's Cloak

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PostSubject: Jenna's Cloak   Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:13 pm

Name: Jenna's Cloak
Owner: Chaostothemax
Type: Cloak
Class: A Class
Length: N/A
Weight: 2LB
Description: Created by J. Hulocks, This cloak is able to resist  any temperature or weather around its wearer. When worn the weather will not effect the user and they will instead feel comfortable. The runes of gold around the cloak make it so the wearer will be blended in with any environment, So when the time comes to run or hide they are easily able to do so when wearing the cloak.

+Blends in with the environment making the Wearer harder to notice.
+Weather or Temperatures in the environment will not bother the wearer, Instead they will feel comfortable.

-When worn full its harder to fight in close quarters combat.
-The hood makes it harder to see to the right or left without turning.

Crafted by:
Jenna Hulocks

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Jenna's Cloak
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