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 Staff of Flaming Greed

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PostSubject: Staff of Flaming Greed   Sat Feb 04, 2017 1:46 pm

Name: Staff of Flaming Greed
Owner: Chaostothemax
Type: Staff
Class: A Class
Length: 6 FT
Weight: 2LB
Description: This Staff was made by a devote follower of the God of Greed, Elkomere. It is said that it possesses the Element of Fire and is able to melt Gold, Silver, and other metals with ease; Making it easy to take something of value and make it into something different. The creator of the staff, J. Hulacks was chosen by Elkomere at an early age and participated in the Tournament of champions. However, Even though she got far in the tournament she was killed by the second to last trial. This staff was taken by the God of Greed before anyone else could touch it along with a Certain cloak.


+Unable to be damaged by Fire or Ice.
+Extends up to 6 FT in length or Retracts down to 2 FT at will.
+Always does A Class Damage.


-When the User Dies The staff will be taken into the hands of Elkomere.
-Only a chosen one of Elkomere may use this Staff.
-Any Damage coming from the staff can only be A Class Damage, No More than that.

Forged by: Jenna Hulocks

Slot: Forge of Greed
Slot: Ability- Fire Ball

Forge of Greed:

Ability Gem:

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Staff of Flaming Greed
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