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 [WIP] Siren J. Walker

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PostSubject: [WIP] Siren J. Walker   Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:00 pm

Samantha J. Walker
"In life, there is no good or bad. Just what I want and how I'll get it.."

Full Name: Samantha J. Walker
Alias/Epithet: Siren/Enki/Roulette
Age: Unknown [Appears 19]
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
God:(Which God you have Chosen to follow- You do not need to follow any of them. However, Each one will grant a bonus on the site in a certain thing. Refer to the Gods and Goddesses Information)
Origin: (This refers to the Country you were born into.)
Crafting: (Blacksmith, Cook, Jeweler, etc. Only 1, Refer to Crafting thread.)
Class: (Fighter, Samurai, Gunslinger, Bounty hunter, etc. Only 1)

General Appearance: (What you look like in general. Usual attire to casual attire, during threads etc. Please give at least 200 words here.)
Hair Color: (Character's hair color. Black, Brown etc.)
Eye Color: (Character's Eye color)
Skin Tone: (Skin complexion of character)
Height: (Height of your character)
Weight: (Weight of your character)

Personality Quirks:
1. Fire; Samantha loves fire. Of this, there is no doubt. Samantha's love of fire has caused to her to be in constant battles with the law as she is a well know, yet identity hidden arsonist.
2. Felines; Samantha has a love for feline creatures. Cats and other feelings can completely catch Roulette off guard as she has a deep love towards them. This is further increased as she tends to have a special bond with them making her sort of like a cat whisperer of sorts.
3. Literature; Samantha enjoys books. Reading is power. Or so they say. Regardless, Roulette enjoys a good book and reads whatever she can get a hold on when she has the time. She even is said to have her own special library full of her collected books although the rumor has not yet been confirmed or denied.
4. Adventure; Samantha's love of an adventure has no limits. Seeing as she can take care of herself, Roulette is not afraid to look Danger in the eyes. Therefore, she can constantly be seen tempting Death and diving straight into the heap of trouble that can await her.

1. Sickness; Roulette hates being sick. Being sick for her is like a life sentence for a detainee. She is a free spirit so being cooped up is not something she enjoys.
2. Laziness; To be lazy is fatal in her line of work. As such, she cannot stand being lazy as well as having nothing to do. She needs to be on the move and, when she is not, can become quite depressed if her life lacks the thrill.
3. "Above All" Mentality; This type of mentality is what Roulette has come to hate with a passion. She cannot stand such a characteristic from someone and therefore can result to either walking away or, if they really angered her, punching them before walking away.

1. Travel; There is nothing more that motivates Roulette than the opportunity to travel the world. This is something that aspires her to continue and keep on working to perfect her skills and abilities as a gunslinger.
2. Gambling; Upon hearing the word gamble or bet, Roulette jumps right into the games. This has often spurred heavy competition between her and the players within the game. After all, gambling is what makes things interesting.
3. Herself; Roulette aspires to be better than herself. Therefore, she is oftentimes inspired by occasional, simple acts she does to better herself so that she can fulfill her goals and dreams.
4. Dreams; There is nothing that motivates a person more than the motivation to complete and fulfill their dreams. Roulette is no different. She works hard to accomplish her goals and bring out the best she can give.

1. Betrayal; Roulette has a very hard time trusting someone. Therefore, when she eventually gives her trust, she is afraid that she will eventually be betrayed. After all, betrayal in her eyes is the worst of crimes.
2. Hospitalization; If there is anything that can set a person back from being on the road, it would be being taken hostage at the hospital due to a major injury. This, though, does not affect her need and want of danger and adventure.
3. Love; Roulette fears love's bad aspects of itself. She has oftentimes seen people who fall out of love completely change for the worst so much so that they become unrecognizable with hate, depression, and or discord. Due to this, Roulette fears that this may also happen to her.
4. Amazons; Roulette was born and raised an Amazon but she was never one to conform to their ideals. The small gunslinger grew up with the thoughts of equality and the acceptance of all. As such, although she left of her own accord, Roulette fears that the clans hold a hatred towards her and her declensions and seek 'justice' on their own terms.

Home Town:
Character History: N/A

Face Claim: Enki - Area D
Voice Claim: N/A
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[WIP] Siren J. Walker
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