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 Nyx's Armor

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PostSubject: Nyx's Armor   Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:01 pm

Name: Nyx's Armor
Type: Armor Set
Class: S
Length: -
Weight: Approximately 30 lbs (pounds)
Nyx's Armor is a specially designed and intricately crafted set of armor that has a porcelain-white outer plating that covers the torso, forearms and part of the lower body. There is also a set of black plating which covers the feet and up to just pas the knees while also leaving plenty of unarmored areas for maximum mobility that are protected by the scale-like outer suit that lies just under the plating and covers the rest of the body outside.

Another very visually apparent feature are the pair of mechanical wings which are mounted on the upper back and can be folded neatly on the wearers back in order to make them more maneuverable in tight spaces or stretched out in order to allow their use as they are mentioned in the later section.

It is also worth noting that part of this set that is not seen immediately from the outside is the inner bodysuit which is a simple black mesh design and houses multiple sensors and miniature injectors that are for use in the Integrated Injury Management System that is explained further down. This suit can be worn by itself for diagnostic purposes, as the sensors alone allow for the wearer to be informed of the location and severity of any injuries they may have so that they know what exactly needs to be treated and how soon before it becomes a serious or debilitating condition.

Reference Picture:

Integrated Injury Management System (IIMS)
Due to intricately designed systems which allow administration of morphine, antibiotics and other medicines, the user of this specialized suit of armor has a resistance against poisons equal to the rank of the armor itself or below as well as giving a passive ten health-point regeneration per post that the user is wearing the armor and the systems are not damaged.

Vitals can also be vocally announced to the wearer if the option is engaged, such as injury status and location, heart-rate, palpitations, along with various other important notes regarding the user's health thanks to sensors that are located on the inner bodysuit of the armor.

Short-Distance Integrated Flight System (SDIFS)
The drawing design feature of the armor that is immediately apparent when first looked at would be the SDIFS, or in less technical terms a pair of mechanized wings which fold out from the back of the armor and produce thrust to allow movement slightly off the ground for distances up to thirty meters at a time in a straight line, however these systems can be damaged as well and are not as effective when attempting to turn or change course mid-flight.

Computer Regulated Defense System (CRDS)
The final yet possibly most valuable of additions to this armor is the Computer Regulated Defense System or CRDS, which produces a somewhat weak yet still very useful shield around the areas of the body covered by the armor or its inner bodysuit. This shield has a one-hundred 'defense' stat which also serves as it's own health and recharges every four posts so long as the user does not suffer any damage during this time - otherwise, the shield cannot recharge. It is worth noting that if an attack is stronger than the shield itself, the damage is subtracted from the remainder of the shield's 'defense' and then applied against the wearer of the armor.

For example, if an attack of one-hundred and fifty strength were to hit the user and the shields were fully charged and not in their recharging or broken state, then the user would only suffer fifty damage due to the shields having absorbed the brunt of the attack.

Once broken, the shield must be recharged via the previously mentioned time constraint of four posts without any damage being applied to the user (Damage Over Time included) and is automatically disabled/broken when the IIMS is offline for any reason.

Note that the shield's health DOES NOT effect the user themselves stat's in any way, it is entirely it's own health/defense and as such cannot be buffed by any skill or ability made to buff the user's defense unless it is specifically designed to enhance shielding.

Delicate Hardware (IIMS)
Although Nyx has seen to it that this armor is capable of defending herself if the need arose, as well as to aide in her finding and treating patients - the many small parts of the IIMS, SDIFS as well as the inner bodysuit make performing regular maintenance on the armor essential and can spell trouble if dragged into a long or damaging battle.

The IIMS will break once the user reaches a health-percentage of ten or lower. For example, if the user had a stat of one-hundred health-points, then at ten health-points the IIMS would break down and cease to function. The user must be removed from battle in order to repair the systems for use again in the same thread (Five posts uninterrupted) and/or must enter a new thread in order to repair the armor completely so that it can be used again in new threads.

Delicate Hardware (SDIFS)
The SDIFS will cease to function at a percentage of twenty of the user's health when entering the armor. Using the same example stat as before, one-hundred, the SDIFS would cease to function at twenty health-points and so forth. As with the IIMS, the user must remove themselves from battle in order to repair the armor for use in the same thread (uninterrupted five posts) and/or leave the current thread and enter a new one in order to repair the systems completely to allow use in new threads.

If used three times in succession without at least one post break in-between uses, the SDIFS will cause the armor to overheat and render both it and the IIMS inoperable for five posts during which time the user will also suffer a minus ten to their speed stat due to the intense heat radiating from the armor and the loss of its integrated systems which allow it to operate smoothly.

Unpredictable Shielding:
Due to the above-mentioned CRDS being designed against physical attacks, it is remarkably unpredictable when facing off against magic-based attacks and tends to malfunction when hit by them - Suffers a minus thirty defense in shielding against magic attacks.
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx's Armor   Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:20 pm

Hmmm.. I do like this, But Its too Advanced for this point in time. Now, That being said... If you happen to kill a god and become "The Goddess of Technology" .. It may be used then. But for now.. Its to advanced unfortunately.

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PostSubject: Re: Nyx's Armor   Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:46 pm

Requesting to have this version archived for later use in order to make a non-tech version for my currently purchased S-Rank, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx's Armor   Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:51 pm

But of course! Im putting it somewhere in the Forum Archive.
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PostSubject: Re: Nyx's Armor   

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Nyx's Armor
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