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 Cipher skills WiP

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PostSubject: Cipher skills WiP   Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:16 pm

Skill Set Name: Magic Reader
Elemental Property: Spirit
Stat Specialization: Defensive and Offensive Skill Set

Skill Set Information:The Concept that you have a spellbook filled with spells that you can use once per topic, aside from very minor spells which you have memorized from the book.The Tome itself is a crutch, a shortcut you use to guide you through casting powerful magic, once you use a spell it vanishes from the book and once out of combat you've gotta sit down and write it back in.

Skill Set Strengths:(What makes your Skill tick? Discuss things like elemental strengths.  Not really things like damage or ranges. Strengths should have concrete logical effects in RP. Meaning they should be an explanation for everything a skillset is capable of doing.)
Skill Set Weakness: (One for every strength.)
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Cipher skills WiP
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