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 Shaking the nest WIP

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PostSubject: Shaking the nest WIP   Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:13 am

Task Name: Shaking the Nest
Task Tier: Tier 2
Location: Somewhere early in the Grand Line
Task Details: Raizo is on a bit of a bread trail tracking down a weapon smuggling operation by an extension of a gang he'd discovered in the blues. Rumors of some of these "merchants" possessing legendary swords had originally drawn Raizo in the first place. Whether these statements were true or not Raizo would find out. Raizo needs to track and find the gang's local base of operations and find proof of the operations. Raizo manages to find and follow one of the Gang's runners to the base. Raizo tries to sneak in but finds himself caught and engages the gang members.
Enemies: total: 23

Runners: x 10 - Low ranking members of the gang, generally armed with knives and daggers. Generally pretty quick with their highest stat being speed and their lowest stat being in HP. Their speed is utilized within the gang for quickly carrying out errands for the gang.

Rank/ Level: F / 10
Weapon/s: Daggers and Knives

Slashers: x 5 - Slashers occupy some of the second lowest ranks within the gang. Runners that graduate to second rank and take up the sword become the rank of Slashers. Slasher's highest stats are Attack. These members are generally used for security or "collecting" on insurance.

Rank/ Level: D/ - 15
Weapons: Swords

Gunners: x 5- Another of the second lowest rank is the Gunner class. These are Runners who have moved up rank and taken up ranged weapons, generally consisting of pistols or rifles. Gunners highest stat is Attack. Often used for quick minor assassinations and hits.

Rank/ Level: D/ 15
Weapons: Pistols

Bashers: x 2 - Another of the lower ranks are Bashers. These are Runners who have moved up and focused on weaponless combat. Theses members are very tanky and often serve as body guards and muscle. Their highest Stat is Defense.

Rank/ Level: D/ 15
Weapons: Fists

Operation Commander: 1 - The highest rank of the group, overseeing the operations of the individual base. The commander is proficient with a bat and projectile. The Commander's highest stats are Attack.

Rank/ Level: D/ 20
Weapons: Metal Bat and miniature cannonball baseballs
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Shaking the nest WIP
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