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 Festival of Seven Souls

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PostSubject: Festival of Seven Souls   Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:22 pm

"We are all gathered here today by the spirits above and the ones that be... To honour our Lord and Savour, Alma. As every year, we offer seven souls from each of the Holy Cities as offering towards Alma to guide and protect our people. Us, the Saints that be gather here today to guide these proceedings." the bishop Acarna, announced grasping at his beard earnestly. The whole crowd responded in unity, "As so it is, it shall be." almost like drone computerised responses. Shunji sat to the front of the coliseum among the other Brothers, onlooking the festivities. During the Festival, both the Brothers and the Saints that be cover their faces as offerings to Alma, in hopes that during this time, his face becomes theres and such he over looks the festivities. The crowd all cheering, whispering among each other as there various children and family members enter into the court one by one. The Bishop superseded these proceedings, waving warmly to the children who entered from the North Wing. From their entrance, they could see light being shone down on them, almost as if they were touched by a holy beam. However, this light non-other than Beam Dials, the Bishop's had been passed down through decades to create an ambience among the coliseum. With strategic positioning, it almost looked like the Bishop was the closest among them to Alma. "Listen Shunji..." the teenagers thoughts reflected. "Within this pages lies the truth about this country's religion... The Seven Souls... Which your people call Almaism. If you read these pages... It'll only strength the beliefs you already have. However, if they are any parts of you that believe in Alma, stay away from page 77-777. It depicts the entire history of Almaism." Shunji's mentor, Harley Quinn iterated. Harley was a polished musician who loved the sounds of Heavy Metal and Classical Piano. There camp had visited Temple Island almost ten years prior to meeting Shunji in hopes of performing in the Coliseum for it's people but their lyrics were deemed 'Pagan' and 'Unholy' by the Saints. However, Harley didn't let that sink his enthusiasm, breaking into the city with his band and liberating few with his hardcore punk rock sounds, however, Harley was quickly suppressed and banished by Cardinals. Harley's name and any mention of it from that day was associated to the Devil within the text of Alma, naming Harley as a charlatan. Flashing back into today's context, Shunji's reminiscing was ceased by the names of the last two entries the Bishop announced, 'Wraith'. Two seats over, a muffling crying sound could be heard from one of the Brothers, as the Bishop announced their names, he'd no idea of the man's identity but clutched his arm to suppress his anger. "What I learnt from the book broke me. Not because I believed in Alma but that the people who conceived me into this world was blinded by a centurial lie." Shunji thought, leaning over onto his legs, as he peered through his mask onto the coliseum's arena. "Organ... Marketing." Shunji gulped, again flashing back to his youth. "Yes. Temple Island has been used for decades for Nobles to harvest organs. It all systematically stems from the Alma's religion's diet. No red meats, tons of greens and frequent exercise in the form of chores or charity with the Saints. The organs are untouched and at their prime. That's why the ritual puts teenagers to work at the age before they reach adulthood and pick up untraceable habits." Harley stated, blowing out smoke from his mouth from the cigarette. Shunji fell to the ground, vomiting uncontrollably, eventually losing consciousness. His hand shaking slightly, he continued to reflect on Harley's words, "Alma the 'god' doesn't exist. Alma is the name of a World Noble banished from Mariejois almost 500 years ago. He discovered the secret to immortality. As far fetched as this sounds... He switches organs four times every year... to keep his body youthful through other means. It's a stipulation for his magic. He sells the access organs off to hospitals in Mariejois and then... well... keeps the rest for himself." Harley stated. "Magic... What? How... How do you know all of this!?" Shunji screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Because. I was once a marine officer stationed on Temple Island, a long long time ago. It was then I discovered this islands dirty secret and abandoned the core on my own journey. I found my love for music. I had to return here... One day... Hoping my music could liberate believers in Almaism but I failed... even so... years after... I couldn't bring myself to leave. Until I met you, Shunji! You gave me faith that it is possible to break out of their trance and archaic beliefs. That's why I've decided. For the next couple years, I'll equip you with everything you'll need to see Alma for yourself. I'll teach you how to fight. Your dream of uncovering the truth behind Temple Island won't end with this conversation... It'll end when you see what I saw in those underground caverns." Harley concluded. "Those last five years or so were the roughest... It polished my body slightly... That's all I needed to make it here. Harley taught me that though the Saints where strong, compared to the other monsters in the World... They were but above average humans... Using money and power to control the people." Shunji thought. His flashback concluded as the Bishop finished his pray for the entries and as such, Shunji's plan had now entered it's final stages. Discarding the robes and the mask, Shunji hopped over the Coliseum's walls, gliding on the fabric which spun towards the arena floor, using his tonfa's as grappling hooks. "Citizen... Who dare disrupts this Holy Cause!?" the Bishop announced. "I would like to throw my hat into the mix for Alma's love." Shunji announced grinning. "Ah... A devote one wishing to be offered up... You look young enough... I shall permit it under one condition." the Bishop said smiling brightly. "What's your name and age?" the Bishop inquired. "My name is Shunji Z. Wraith... I'm only 18. Ripe for the picking." Shunji said with serious frown.


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Festival of Seven Souls
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